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This is why people say Americans are stupid

May 17th, 2008 | by Steve O |

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  2. By steve on May 17, 2008 | Reply

    As Ben Folds once said,

    “Y’all don’t know what it’s like, being male middle class and white”

    Dude what fucking decade is this? I feel so ashamed for these people.

    Makes me wonder what my grandma would say if she were still alive. She voted for Clinton twice

  3. By Lisa on May 17, 2008 | Reply

    Those people usually vote democrat. Interesting.

  4. By steve on May 17, 2008 | Reply

    Seriously Lisa… I feel like I would stand behind the lady in yellow at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert while she wore her confederate t-shirt and drank a natty light. I would stumble and fall to find she was a Democrat. I thought all the Hitler loving racists were supposed to be (according to BIO) on our side. I mean, who is a racist Senator Byrd on their side?

  5. By Jersey McJones on May 17, 2008 | Reply

    You … I’ve been all over - these people are NORMAL. I’ve met PILES of them. They’re all over the place. I’m sorry that in your little lives you haven’t been exposed to this, but this is for REAL. I’ve been begging the Dems to be clever enough to see this obvious fact, but they continue to believe that Americans are bigger than this. But they’re NOT.

    And neither are you.

    And you, Lisa, if you think the Dems are bad, just what the … do you think the Gops will do???


  6. By Steve O on May 17, 2008 | Reply


    I was going to write a long list of reasons why these people think what they think but I am not going to APPEASE you on the facts that public education is the key to a smarter electorate.

    Education is the silver bullet that will kill the GOP which is why you are all hell bent on destroying public education.

    Suck it!!!!

  7. By steve on May 17, 2008 | Reply

    Jersey/Steve O,

    You guys both crack me up. How is that for appeasement? Your little party is splitting in half. I cannot wait to see Clinton run independent…

  8. By Lisa on May 18, 2008 | Reply

    The fact is most of them would vote for Hillary if she were the nominee. So to me that means they normally would vote democrat.
    The difference is if Republicans had a black nominee they would still vote republican not switch and vote democrat becuase of racism. Although I a thinking there is more than the fact that Obama is black. Maybe to them seeing
    his associations,it may be they don’t feel he is a true representative of the party.
    And Steve a Conferedate Flag isn’t representative of Republican,it more represents southern democrats. It’s a southern thing really.
    SteveO-Public Education is already starting with the liberal agenda. They used to wait till college now they are starting them in Elementary School. You know like hating the flag and sex at 11. Bush sucks. Your country owes you,blah,blah,blah.

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