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Hillary and the Clinton Campaign Bible

June 2nd, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

Is It Time for Hillary to Go?

The fat lady supposedly sang on Saturday, but things ain’t over as far as Hillary Clinton is concerned.

The democratic big wigs held their meeting and decided to go Solomon-like on Michigan and Florida by splitting the difference between the two candidates. Considering they’re the boneheads that set the whole confused mess in motion, it was about the best anyone could reasonably hope for. However, the end game was already pre-ordained. By Saturday, the most ardent Clintonistas would’ve been satisfied with nothing less than an Obama concession speech topped by a mea culpa on bended knee begging forgiveness for inconveniencing the Mighty Hillary.

The Clinton Campaign Bible
Unfortunately, Hillary has taken not just a page, but the whole damn book from Hubby Bubba. The Clinton Campaign Bible sayeth that all is fair in love and politics and everything else comes second. Although Bill was a reasonably good president, no one can deny he constantly put himself in dangerous positions with the belief he was the Anointed One. His arrogance damaged his presidency and the nation and set an expectation that the Clintons are about as honest as an Arctic winter day is long. Hillary not only failed to realize she was saddled with this baggage, but has gone to great, though unintended,lengths to reinforce it. Her Johnny-Come-Lately screeds about experience, racism, sexism, media unfairness, and vast right-wing conspiracies are no more than putrid political icing on the cake.

Hopefully, the supporters who now vow to take their straw hats and balloons to Walnuts McCain’s party in protest will come to their senses. A similar pique helped lose the election for Wooden Al and could very well do the same now. I’d ask those supporters to look at a few things using their heads rather than their emotions.

No More Governance By Division
Hillary, by nature, political perspective, and heritage is divisive. While you may see her behavior as a holy quest for the presidential grail, more see her as a selfish pain in the patootie. The republicans know this, they’ve long-stated a preference for running against her precisely because of her divisive effect on the democratic party and the galvanizing effect she has on the republican base. There are times when a divisive leader is needed, but this isn’t one of them. The past 8 years of governance by division has a name - and it’s George Bush.

Hillary, you’ve made your cases many times and have simply lost the arguments. That’s the nature of elections, someone wins someone loses, and the best thing you can do is join with the party and find a place for your formidable skills. This campaign isn’t about sexism, racism, or experience. It’s not about bad media coverage or Appalachian voters. It’s about exactly what you say it’s about, choosing the most electable candidate.

The democratic party has its benchmarks for that, even if you don’t like them. They’ve nearly finished applying these benchmarks and barring something very unlikely, you’ll come up short. You can continue to plead your case - it’s your right. But understand that in doing so you are emboldening the opposition, damaging your party, and worst of all, damaging yourself. There’s no shame in saving the fight for another day. You’re a very smart woman and I hope you can recognize that sooner rather than later.

For all our sakes.


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  1. One Response to “Hillary and the Clinton Campaign Bible”

  2. By rube cretin on Jun 2, 2008 | Reply

    yes Hillary why don’t you just quit. we democrats love quitters and remember them fondly. Really Omni what are you trying to accomplish with this post? Do you want to turn off Hillary supporters who might vote for obama? My wife who supports Hillary has been following this stuff closely and i am really afraid she may not vote in November. Lots of her friends feel the same way. am i missing something.

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