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Now That She’s Really Lost The Nomination, Clinton May Be “Open” To VP Slot

June 3rd, 2008 | by Ken Grandlund |

The Washington Times already has a piece up:

Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday she’s open to the possibility of being Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate, a Democratic party aide said. Clinton, who appears on the verge of losing the Democratic presidential nomination to Obama, made the comment in a conference call with fellow members of New York’s congressional delegation, the aide said. The party aide quoted Clinton as saying, when asked about being Obama’s running mate: “I am open to it.”

So after months of degrading Obama’s qualifications to be president, Hillary is all set to play second fiddle? I don’t think so friends.

Those who feel that the party needs to “heal” after a bitter primary process may have a point. But having an Obama/Clinton ticket isn’t the way to do it. Frankly, I think the party is going to “heal” just fine. Hillary supporters abandoning the Democratic party and voting for McCain will probably be as numerous as the number of Hollywood stars who really did move to Canada afte Bush was reseated in 2004. The stakes of a third Bush term, including more potential Supreme Court appointments and an ongoing war mentality that would occur under McCain are enough to bring even the most rumpled Hillarycrats back to reality.

Obama will rally the party back together while courting independents and moderate conservatives who have tired of the Bush Presidential Plan. But they won’t join him with Hillary on the ticket, that much is sure. And frankly, Obama doesn’t need Hillary in the number 2 spot to win. In fact, having her as his vice-president would only serve to devalue his own presidency. The Clinton political machine would no doubt work to subtly undermine Obama in order to boost Hillary’s own chances for another run. Oh, and another thing, HIllary’s RFK reference makes her an uncomfortable person to be in line behind Barack. Not that she’d do anything like that, but still…

But truth be told, when it comes to their take on government, Obama and Hillary are worlds apart. Hillary is still stuck in that “What Can I Make Government Do For You” mentality while Obama has moved forward to “What Can We Do With Our Government.” These points of view may well be diametrically opposed to each other, and the last thing we need is discord in the top slots.

No, I don’t think Obama should tap Hillary for the VP position. Maybe there’s a place for her somewhere in his administration. Or better yet, she can remain in the Senate, doing her best for the poeple of New York and America by helping to pass a truly progressive agenda brought forth by the Obama Administration.

(cross posted at Common Sense)

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  1. One Response to “Now That She’s Really Lost The Nomination, Clinton May Be “Open” To VP Slot”

  2. By Jet Netwal on Jun 4, 2008 | Reply

    We’re 5 by 5 on this. She is not the balance to the ticket.

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