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McClellan to testify willingly on PlameGate

June 9th, 2008 | by Dusty |

Wow wee..the man really is tossing BushCo under the bus and backing up over ‘it’ isn’t he? From TO via AP:

President Bush’s former spokesman, Scott McClellan, will testify before a House committee next week about whether Vice President Dick Cheney ordered him to make misleading public statements about the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity. McClellan will testify publicly and under oath before the House Judiciary Committee on June 20 about the White House’s role in the leak and its response, his attorneys, Michael and Jane Tigar, said on Monday. (emphasis mine)

If he could hang the Big Dick Cheney out to dry on this issue alone..I might even applaud ol Scotty. Seriously…it might be must-see tv!

Scotty in clownface via the multi-talented Dark Black.

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  1. 10 Responses to “McClellan to testify willingly on PlameGate”

  2. By Lisa on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    Why don’t the dems take their own advice and “Talk about the issues” instead of harping on this farce.

  3. By Dusty on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    It might be a farce to you Lisa, but scholars, lawyers and citizens all believe it was criminal.

    That makes it an issue to everyone but the neocons. But I shouldn’t be surprised that you side with the neo’s should I? ;)

  4. By Lisa on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    I just think it’s a waste of time. It’s pointless and counter-productive. Plus it’s a “show trial” just like all the other BS things the dems initiate to make everyone think how great they are ,you know something like the communists used to do.
    Like the stupid windfall profit tax on the oil companies which didn’t pass but the dems are all over the media right spouting how bad the republicans are for not letting it pass yet they are probably just as glad about it. Like taxing the oil companies is going to help people at the pump. It’s all fluff and propaganda that thank goodness many people are becoming more aware because we don’t have to depend on the CBS’s,NBC’s and CNN’s of the world to get all of our “Propaganda”.

  5. By Dusty on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    Your of course entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong or ridiculous it is Lisa. ;)

    Your oil rant is off topic. Take that one to another thread where it’s related please. Thank you for your cooperation. ;)

  6. By Lisa on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    Hey I just don’t go along with everything the left spouts.
    Yep it’s ridiculous Dusty now that we can see past the the rhetoric.

  7. By Dusty on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    Lisa, you don’t believe anything the left says..this isn’t news.

    But you buy into every rightwing site spouting bs..which isn’t news either.

    Have a great day! :lol:

  8. By Lisa on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    Because they are all full of hot air. Proven time and time again.
    They are like the cry baby party. They really are despicable with their phony personas. At least some of us can see it.

  9. By Dusty on Jun 10, 2008 | Reply

    LOL..yes your clairvoyant Lisa! God bless ya, you see through all the bs. ;)

    Get a fucking grip..your as far out there in wingnut land as the most rightwing conservatard I have ever read on the internets.

    Even folks right of center who are staunch Rethugs their whole lives think Bush has done impeachable things.

    Your hilarious links to all things rightwing, when trying vainly to prove some “out-there” point show how easily you are sucked into the rightwing nuttery which abounds just as much as the lefties out in internet-land.

    Talk about hot air..LOL..that air you breathe when trying to use extremist sites to backup your sadly uninformed pov is so hot, it should singe your lungs.

    But by all means, call everyone that disagrees with you a member of the crybaby party. It speaks volumes about you. Did you get that line for O’Reilly? Sounds like one of his. :lol:

  10. By Lisa on Jun 11, 2008 | Reply

    I don’t watch O’Rielly.

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