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It’s Summer: Where’s Our Lemonade?

June 14th, 2008 | by Windspike |

I love America. It’s one country where, if you buckle down and get to work, you can actually make something of yourself.  Indeed, there is a long history of the folks migrating here to make a better life for themselves and their families.  There is also a long history of, using ingenuity, Americans turn lemons into lemonade - meaning of course, turning a negative into a positive.

I was out on my run this morning - first one in a long while as I have been solo parenting for a full week. As usual, I got to thinking.  I know, you “hate it when he does that.”

Is it me, or, aside from the mess that was Vietnam, is George W. Bush the only President who has taken lemons and went actively out to seek and make nothing but more lemons?  That is, most certainly, Nine Eleven was a negative situation.  It could have been turned into a positive (and for a moment in time, it seemed like it might), but instead, Bush and his ilk turned it into negative (Iraq) after negative (Guantanamo, etc…).

The morass that we are left with after nearly 8 years of Bush feels more like a steaming pile of pig shit than anything else (without the methane capture to turn it into fuel).  Where’s the positive?  Can any one help me out and find something positive to say about the W, Rove and Co?

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