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Focus on the REALITY Family

June 16th, 2008 | by Jet Netwal |

I know this holds true in my house. Parenting is equal opportunity, a partnership, and a part of our lives we wouldn’t trade for anything.

The unheralded result of women entering the workforce, thanks in large part to family planning, has been the rise of the real family man and the making of the more devoted father. It is to the point where the vast majority of men today, 72 percent, say they would sacrifice pay and job opportunities for more time with their families. Spike TV found that most men would choose attending their kids’ sporting event over an important work obligation. The Spike TV pollsters explain, “There’s been a paradigm shift. Men want involvement with kids. Even with infants, they get up at night. It was NEVER like this before. They’re taking parenting seriously. New responsibilities with kids and in homes are enriching men’s lives. They’re excited by it and proud.” — Huffpo

I’ve worked my children’s entire lives. I’ve heard a hundred times I have the nicest kids. There is no breakdown in my family because I work, contribute to our economic well being, and develop professionally as an adult. Nor is my husband treated punitively by his employer because he volunteers a week every year to Cub Scout camp, leaves early to attend school programs, or any of the many kid related things that he wants and likes to do.

Team Netwal is getting it done and having a full life while doing it. We are raising our kids with our values, humor and empathy. We know that our daughter and sons will need to be able to function in a world where work satisfaction and personal happiness can both be pursued and obtained by each of them.

That’s what my family is focused on.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Focus on the REALITY Family”

  2. By steve on Jun 16, 2008 | Reply

    That is so awesome!!

  3. By Jersey McJones on Jun 16, 2008 | Reply

    There’s too many dynamics at play in the American family macro to narrow down this argument in this way. First of all, the rise of the middle class is a relatively new phenomenon and without that this conversation would be moot. In the working class world of time immemorium women have labored - at home, in agriculture and industry - just as much if not much more than men. Studies have shown all sorts of possibilities for the working-parents household. Then there’s the change in the modern American community. Where once people stood on stoops and chatted, now they enjoy air conditioning and cable TV. And these are just slices off the top.

    This is a subject worthy of lengthy, serious debate. “There is no breakdown in my family because I work” is purely subjective and self-congratulatory. I’m happy for you that things have worked out, and glad to see your example, but fail to see any objective argument for the two-working parent household. As I said, this is a subject worthy of lengthy, serious debate.


  4. By Jet Netwal on Jun 16, 2008 | Reply

    Hey Jersey, did you read the whole link? There’s a lot more there than just the bit I lifted.

    I know a lot of families where the men are involved and like being involved with their children’s upbringing. I’m one of them. I’m not alone.

    As for my statement being self congratulatory, what? I should apologize for making it work for everybody? My husband has an enriching role with our kids and me, and I enjoy the work I do, but that’s somehow something I should keep quiet about or be ashamed of?

    Marlarky, sir.

  5. By Paul Merda on Jun 17, 2008 | Reply

    It works the same where I live too ;-) Our economy would crumble if suddenly every woman decided they wanted it like the 1950’s again…

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