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Greed Kills

July 1st, 2008 | by Jet Netwal |

Need another example of why the Republican Party implosion is in full swing? Despite their best efforts to pin liberal moneyed elite on any Dem they see as a threat, there is something almost surreal about the way these people swipe money. I’m not implying the average Rep voter is like this, but it’s a cannibalistic piranha school at the top.

Charles A. Morse, a conservative Republican gadfly from Brookline, ran a brief write-in campaign to unseat US Representative Barney Frank in 2006. It fizzled completely when he received just 145 votes in a primary and dropped out two months before the general election.

“I never saw him,” Frank said when asked about Morse’s presence in the campaign.

Yet the political fund-raising firm that ran Morse’s campaign finances reported that it raised more than $700,000 for his race, much of it from GOP contributors across the country eager to help defeat a Massachusetts liberal - and some of it donated well after Morse abandoned the race.

A review of campaign reports shows that, rather than spending that money in the Fourth Congressional District, 96 percent of the funds raised in Morse’s name were used to pay a politically connected direct-mail firm in Washington, BMW Direct Inc., and a coterie of BMW Direct’s affiliates and contractors. The firms specialize in national fund-raising appeals on behalf of conservative Republican candidates and right-wing causes. - Boston Globe

96 percent. I’m driving by, and I just can’t not look.


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  1. 3 Responses to “Greed Kills”

  2. By Dusty on Jul 1, 2008 | Reply

    Great graphic!!!!!!

    I hope to hell the Rethuglican party takes a huge shit this November.

    But will be up to the spineless democrats to rent or purchase a set of nads and fix all the fuckups of the last eight years.

    And I don’t know if they are up to the task Jet…seriously. But I pray they are.

  3. By rube cretin on Jul 1, 2008 | Reply

    it is going to take more than Nads to fix all the problems either ignored or screwed up during the past 8 years. Difficult to imagine anyone with bigger nads than this bunch. Just give me some honesty, competence, and critical thinking skills.

    That van reminds me of the hole in the pentagon which swallowed a very large aircraft on 911. Guess the van didn’t have wings and 4 very large engines either.

  4. By Dusty on Jul 1, 2008 | Reply

    Rube, I hold no belief that the Democrats can fix our broken system. IN fact, I am of the opposite belief that more of the same will ensue.

    Sad but fucking true..they are all..politicians. Regardless of party.

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