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What’s going on? 7/20/2008

July 20th, 2008 | by Steve O |

Only a few more members of congress left to go and then you can try chopping my head off.

Heather “Fall Guy” Thomas: 9/11 was staged in U.S. effort to take oil leases.

What state can you go & see a billboard of the WTC in flames that pimps a fledgling songwriter’s tune “Please Don’t Vote For A Democrat”?

On the economy; “The onset of the credit crunch has coincided with the re-emergence of “cover-up” chic, with hemlines plummeting almost as much as share prices.” OH my God, the humanity . . . . . . . . . .

At last, somewhere an American Citizen can vacation without getting economically raped because of the weak value of the dollar. In other news Canada has announced a 2 for 1 sale to compete with this new hot spot.

Having problems getting up in the morning? Add this to your alarm clock war chest.

Dear Mr. McCain–Bush, An adherent of Islam is known as a Muslim, meaning “one who submits to God”. There are between 1 billion to 1.8 billion Muslims, making Islam the second-largest religion in the world, after Christianity. Can you be a little bit more specific when making predictions that Muslims are going to attack us. If you could narrow it down to Sunni or Shi’a at least you would only be offending half of the Islamic population.

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  1. 6 Responses to “What’s going on? 7/20/2008”

  2. By rube cretin on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    Ah, feeding them to the snakes. Now there is a novel idea. but you could sell tickets to such and event, pay for view at least.

    The WTC article contained a mention of things going on in florida politics. seems the new house speaker has been selected and his free market approach to a declining economy is going to be use of the state retirement fund for funding florida projects to promote growth and alternative energy sources. A bill was passed this past year authorizing the legislature to use up to 1.5 percent for projects of this nature and now that the cherry has been broken florida retires better be vigilant because this is a very big pot of money and the temptation to use it for politically motivated projects is high. this is the same retirement system that jeb Bush used to funnel 10’s of millions too just prior to Enron went under.

    I like the chicken one. Been collecting some materials for another chicken tractor and found this very entertaining.

    Unfortunately, offending Moslems of all religious persuations is not a problem. Once this energy thing tightens up again and folks realize their economy is really in the tank because of high energy prices and availablity, the temptation to just go get it we be great. Anyone in that part of the world sitting on oil have a chance to live the good life for a few years, but live in fear that as the supplies run out there are some really oil hungry countries out there who just come and take it. Folks better learn to live with less. Don’t rely on government, they will just take what they believe is the easy approach, war. And if the american politician thinks the other big players are going to sit back and just let us take it, I fear they have another think a coming.

    cheers, hope you are improving. Apparently, the old computer is a valuable tool for one on the mend.

  3. By Chris Radulich on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    mr. Day was a member of the swift boat, so we know he has a rather loose grasp on reality.

  4. By Craig R. Harmon on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    This is the thing that’s happening that’s really troubling me: the rise of law-suits against bloggers.

  5. By Jet Netwal on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    That billboard is the best advertisement FOR Democrats money can buy. Fear mongering with no solutions=Republican. They’re going to vote blue in droves in District 8, and that’s going to put my candidate right into Congress.

    Fate’s twist is my friend today.

  6. By manapp99 on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    Craig, I agree with this line from the story you linked:

    “If you’re slandering, you can be sued whether you have a blog or not,” says Cox, a blogger himself. “You’re not immune to defamation charges … just because you’re a citizen speaking your mind.”

    However this line is troubling:

    “Someone had posted a comment on his citizen-journalism Web site,, stating that a woman in Brattleboro, Vt., was having an extramarital affair. The accused woman then sued Grotke and his Web site co-founder for failing to edit or delete the comment.”

    It is not the “someone” that posted the comment that is being sued it is the owner of the site being sued for not editing or deleting. How can the site mananger be responsible for everthing posted? Go after the person making the libelous or slanderous statement not the site where the comment was made.

    I agree that this is troubling.

  7. By steve on Jul 20, 2008 | Reply

    I’m kicking it Root Down….

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