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Human Rights Violations in China

August 8th, 2008 | by Tom Harper |

President Bush has rightly condemned China’s despicable record on human rights. It’s just unconscionable that such a brutal dictatorship is allowed to host the 2008 Olympics, but at least they’ve been duly reprimanded by the Leader of the Free World.

And the Chinese government is indeed a ruthless, totally unaccountable dictatorship. You’re not going to believe this, but they often imprison people for long periods, without even charging them with a crime.

Prison conditions in China are unimaginably brutal — inhuman! Prisons are way overcrowded, and prisoners are often abused by guards and other prisoners. Sometimes the government uses torture to extract information or a confession.

If you believe in a right to privacy, forget China. Their government has a massive spying apparatus that George Orwell never would’ve imagined. Nobody in China is free from the watchful eye of Big Brother.

In a few extreme cases, the Chinese government has held prisoners for a long time with no trial, and then, after finding them NOT guilty of the charges, has still REFUSED to release them from prison! How is something like this even possible? What a sick sick country! Can’t the United Nations do something about this?

China’s brutal attitudes and customs are nothing new. Throughout their history the Chinese have expanded their territory by conquering and brutalizing neighboring tribes and countries.

China holds at least one other disgraceful world record: They have a larger percentage of their population behind bars than any other country in the world. Oh wait, I was thinking of somebody else.

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  1. 16 Responses to “Human Rights Violations in China”

  2. By Craig R. Harmon on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Ah yes, the old ‘Amerika = China’ meme.

    I don’t understand why Obama doesn’t do more of this in his campaigning. Yes, okay, he’s done the ‘mid-western working class Joes, beaten down by the economy to the point that they cling to guns and religion and distrust people who look different from them and oppose immigration’ thing; he’s done the whole ‘this country isn’t what it used to be’ shtick and his wife has done the ‘this country is just downright mean’ message and ‘for the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country’ thing but he really ought to do the ‘America is so evil that it’s no better than China’ stuff on the stump. That’s the secret to success.

    But why stop there? Why not Bush = Hitler or BusHitler, as he’s so lovingly called by the patriots at Democratic Underground? If Obama would just lay that out for America, there’s no way McCain would be in a virtual tie with him in some of the polls. THIS is the secret to Obama running away with the Election.

    The Democrats should definitely make this their campaign message from here to election day.

    I just love lefties who cannot make moral distinctions between their own country and the most oppressive countries on earth. Your next post should draw moral equivalency between Kim Jung Il’s North Korea, Castro’s Cuba, Stalin’s Gulag’s and so forth.

    You guys crack me up. Honestly!

    Imagine anyone questioning your patriotism!

    So why are you living in America? Why not wing out to China. There’s obviously no moral distinction to be made between the two in your eyes. What’s keeping you here. Could it be that in China, to write the sort of post online about China that you’ve written here about America, you would spend months or years in prison yourself, being re-educated or just killed. On the other hand, to write from China this kind of schlock about America might get you a life-time spot in the government bureaucracy doing more of the same.

    The best of both worlds. You get to make mindless moral equivalencies between America and the most evil regimes on earth AND be praised by your government and countrymen.

    Just pick some other nation to compare America to than China. That, again, will wind you up in prison for a very long time.

    Perhaps you could make the same sort of silly pledge that celebritous liberals love to make: if John McCain get’s elected in November, I’m leaving…only instead of threatening Canada to make your home there, you can go to China.

    Think about it.

  3. By Tom Harper on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Easy now Craig. Eeeeeaaaasssyyyyy. Take a deep breath, count to ten.

    I didn’t say anywhere in the post that “China is equal to America” or whatever your interpretation is. But you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty ironic for a powercrazed inept “president” to be criticizing another country’s human rights record. Yes I know China’s human rights record is a lot worse than ours. Whoopdee-fuckin’ doo. Is that something to be proud of? Here’s a slogan for you: “Our legal protections and prison conditions are better than some countries.” “America: Not as bad as China.”

    And speaking of retarded memes: “You’re not patriotic.” “So why don’t you go live in China then?” (previously known as “America, Love It or Leave It”).

    I’m disappointed in you Craig. There are thousands of rightwing bloggers who spew out those soundbites whenever somebody disagrees with something our government is doing, but I thought you were above that.

    The fact that China is a worse place to live than America (at least I wouldn’t want to live there) doesn’t change the fact that things have deteriorated in America in recent years. Or maybe the huge percentage of survey respondents who agree with that statement (“is America on the wrong track?) are just a bunch of America-haters who ought to get the F$#% out of this country.

    Bush has no business criticizing another country’s human rights violations, even if his own actions aren’t as bad as China’s, North Korea’s, Iraq’s, etc. If I had a huge string of shoplifting and petty theft convictions, I wouldn’t be giving a moral lecture to another criminal who stole more money than me.

  4. By Lisa on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Yeah Craig there will always be people who hate America no matter how great their lives are because it’s a hard habit to break.
    Damn that ACLU and Affirmative Action.

  5. By Craig R. Harmon on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Well, Tom, the disappointment is mutual.

    Okay, your point is that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Fine.

    The problem is, everyone lives in a glass house. No one is perfect. We all paint ourselves in moral shades of gray by our own behavior. Some darker than others but if only the pearly white could criticize others, there’d be no blogs, no BIO! As it is, what we’ve got is a bunch of people standing in the midst of smashed glass houses.

    In other words, all criticism comes from people who, in their own opinion, think themselves better than another person even when, objectively, they may be worse. We’re all hypocrites. That doesn’t mean that the criticism we level at one another is invalid.

    And I think you are a patriotic American. I did not say you weren’t. What I did is wonder, aloud, sarcastically, how anyone, reading your post, a post that makes no acknowledgment that America IS better than China, could question that the post was written by a patriotic American. If you think America is better than China, in other words, how could you write a post that gives no indication that you think that? That gives every indication that you think China is no worse than America?

    In short, I have no objection to criticizing the things that you do. I have my own list of things to criticize but it would never even occur to me to write a post drawing moral equivalences between America and China.

    Anyway, I’ve ranted my rant. We’ve disappointed one another. I hope we’ll take away from this exchange something from the other’s criticisms and that, next time, we won’t disappoint one another.

    That’s all I got.

    Blog on, my friend.

  6. By mr bigstuff on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    other than toms initial post, your mention of the “china =amerika” alleged meme is the first i’ve heard of such. what circles do you run in where amerika is oft compared to china? only an oblivous ostrich with its head in the sand could not see the similarities between the w misadministration and the crimes and abuses of totalitarian regimes such as that right wing icon and role model adolph hitler. if you would use your remote control to change your big screen from the faux noise channel to the history channel you too could realize the similarities between your hero and role model w the decider and der fuhrer. these similarities are between the corrupt chinese leadership and w partnered with his neo con artists and not the rest of america who still have moral values and don’t have to lie, cheat, steal, torture, and don’t start fights under false pretenses that they leave for others to finish. as far as they chinese go, at least in return for all their corruption and human rights abuses they at least have an economic miracle to show for their vile efforts. on the other hand, the decider and his misguided minions have nothing but economic disasters and destitution, two forlorn wars, and a place in history slightly by the slimmest of margins above il duce and der fuhrer. all this big talk reminds of a song by that great chinese song writer, lei gre woo, “i’m proud to be from china”:
    (loosely translated)

    i’m proud to be from china
    where america sends factory jobs
    and i won’t forget the men who died
    so walmarts stock could rise
    i’ll gladly stand up for my 25 cents a day
    so those union workers won’t get in levis way
    god bless the usa

  7. By Lisa on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    ” as far as they chinese go, at least in return for all their corruption and human rights abuses they at least have an economic miracle”

    Yes MB but we had and still have that here too only without the firing squads. The century is young let’s see how long China can sustain their new found wealth before singing them priases..

  8. By steve on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Bryan Adams is HUGE in China…

  9. By mr bigstuff on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    that figures.

    speaking of hitler, get a load of this:

    it’s damn near football time here in rocky top where two strangers climbed up rocky top lookin for a moonshine still. strangers ain’t come back from rocky top. reckon they never will. the s.e.c. east is the baddest group of mofos in college football so this kinda shit fires me up. remember, go vols.

    sorry to go off topic there tom.

  10. By steve on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Vol’s suck!! It’s all and only about USC. Try making your puke Orange uniforms without the Red and Gold.

    Here’s to not seeing the Vol’s in a Bowl Game…

  11. By Lisa on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Hey Craig John Edwards is on TV now admitting his affair. You know the one you said you didn’t believe because it was in the National Enquirer?
    The MSM is acting like it’s a new breaking news story yet we knew about it for 2 weeks.
    I guess they were looking for a positive way to report it.
    I bet Olberman and Matthews won’t be available for comment.

  12. By mr bigstuff on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    at least edwards was having sex with a woman, unlike the way republican’ts do it.

    finally a sports fan surfaces here at team bio. the pacifist ten conference is weaker than a promise made by w. the compton condoms would finish fourth in the s.e.c. east and that’s only if vandy, kensucky, and south carolina were on probation. watch the vols beat your cousins in powder blue and yellow on labor day. watch out for eric berry our sophomore safety sensation. also, we got a guy named marsalous johnson who once got busted for drawing an uzi down on somebody in a case of road rage. he might just take his piece down to compton for a quick drive by.

  13. By Lisa on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Spin spin Spin MB. You dn’t need to spin the media is already doing enough spinnong for everyone.

    “It was only for 2 months”
    “Wolfe Blizter”I can’t believe”
    If it weren’t so pathetic it would be funny.

    And so what MB are you conviently forgeting about Barney Frank,Cohen and McGreavy?
    I am laughing at the media talking about this it truly is amazing how they ae justifying it and making excuses for him.

  14. By Tom Harper on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    I’m not saying this is accurate or scientific or anything, but at the CNN site there’s an online question: “Is President Bush in a good position to criticize China’s record on human rights and free speech?”

    Yes — 26%

    No — 74%

  15. By Craig R. Harmon on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Mr. Bigstuff,

    Actually, it’s the first I’ve heard of it too, although comparisons of America to Nazi Germany and Hitler are a commonplace occurrence, though, happily, not here on BIO! My entire initial comment was sarcasm, including the America = China meme thing.

    Beyond that and what I’ve said previously, I have nothing more to say on the subject so y’all can have a blast chatting up one another or blasting me or whatever.


  16. By Craig R. Harmon on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply


    Now that it’s coming from the horse’s mouth, I believe it. The National Enquirer is not my go-to rag for credible reporting, that’s all. So long as this was just National Enquirer, I refused to base statements of fact upon that alone.

    Anyway, I have zero interest in the sexual dalliances of politicians. I’m sad and angry for Elizabeth Edwards and he’s a shit for doing that to her but beyond that, I’m all yawns over it all. Philandering politicians are just so ubiquitous that it’s hard to work up a good upset over this.

  17. By Craig R. Harmon on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply


    As you say, not scientific. Online polls are entirely self-selecting. Since conservatives, rightly or wrongly tend to view CNN with distrust, it is very possible that the majority of responses are from critics of Bush anyway. Since we don’t arrest journalists and bloggers, shut down papers and blogs or censor access to the web here in this country, I would say that Bush is in very good position to criticize China on the issue of free speech. Objectively it’s just true, whatever the impressions of the self-selected group of respondents may be on the subject. As for other human rights issues, glass houses and all, yes that hurts his position but, again, that doesn’t make his criticisms inavalid, it just makes it easier for China to ignore those criticisms.

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