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Pot vs. Kettle: OMG!! They’re Black!

August 8th, 2008 | by Jet Netwal |

This ranks right up there with ‘teh stupid’.

When a weary and jet-lagged Barack Obama took the stage on the last day of the UNITY Journalists of Color convention in Chicago last month, most of the attendees had already left. But there was still a healthy crowd of over 2,500 there to hear the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

That is when, according to the mainstream media, black folks apparently acted like natural-born fools.

“When Obama walked on stage at the McCormick Center, many journalists in the audience leapt to their feet and applauded enthusiastically after being told not to do so,” reported The Honolulu Star-Bulletin. “During a two-minute break halfway through the event, which was broadcast live on CNN, journalists ran to the stage to snap photos of Obama.” - The Root

This nation has been subjected to 7 years of the MSM schmoozing of the Bush Whitehouse, under reporting of the facts in order to continue to have access to the Bush Whitehouse, accepting non reporters as reporters in the White house Press Corps, since saying anything might jeopardize access, and 8.3 megatons of BS dribbling out of our TV ‘s every Sunday. That’s just for starters.

There is no difference in the fawn, fucktards.

I can’t believe that even had to be said. The number of egos propped up by double standards in this country is embarrassing. There will be a certain amount of bias produced by reporters. Human beings do that. That’s why papers and media have editors. If the media is quality, they actually have editors with chops and balls. Every writer has seen their work slashed by editors, the nuance they’re so fond of stripped out. The bones are the facts. Let’s apply that here. This holier than thou crap is ridiculous to anyone who’s paid the slightest bit of attention since 2000.

Black journalists don’t have to be somehow magically less human than their access-whore white counterparts. They get to use the same toilets, sit where they want on the bus and date de white wimmens, too.  ::eyeroll::  Just because a double standard ceases to be of the ‘in your face’ variety, doesn’t mean it isn’t unmitigated bull.

Black journalists are being taken to task by white journalists who suggest that to remain journalistically chaste they must not show one shred of pride or enthusiasm in light of Barack Obama’s history-making presidential bid, lest our precious “objectivity” be called into question.

“I would think that you give up certain rights when you are a journalist and if you are married to a journalist,” Shepard said.

I, for one, am not giving up anything to meet Shepard’s arbitrary standards of what makes a good journalist. Too many people gave up too much blood to get me the rights I enjoy today.

If my white colleagues are confused as to where my allegiances are, let me make it clear for them: I am a human being first, a black man second and journalist last. Dead last. It’s not even remotely a close call.

Journalism is what I do.  Black is what I am.  - The Root


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  1. One Response to “Pot vs. Kettle: OMG!! They’re Black!”

  2. By Dusty on Aug 8, 2008 | Reply

    Arbitrary standards is right. Jesus..

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