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Baracky II: Taking On The Big Bad Myth Of John McCain

August 15th, 2008 | by Daniel DiRito |

In 1960, television likely played a part in JFK’s defeat of Richard Nixon. In the 2008 election, while YouTube may be poised to play a similar role, I suspect that the debates will actually provide a level of discrimination that is reminiscent of 1960…technicolor will yield to contrast.

In this YouTube era, we’re bound to see countless videos on the 2008 election. Some are informational, some are inspiring, many are intended to simply make us laugh, and a few actually achieve all of the above. The following video fits into the latter category.

Not only does it play upon the Rocky theme, it highlights the McCain campaign’s decision to take the low road…despite his numerous calls for a clean campaign based upon the issues important to Americans…and it succeeds in capturing the essence of the Obama message.

Many have criticized Obama for not responding in kind to McCain’s scorched earth campaign. While there may be some merit to that criticism, this video actually reminds us that Barack Obama is attempting to change the political terrain…a message that likely propelled him to the nomination…and one that will serve him well in the closing days of this campaign.

John McCain has chided Barack Obama for refusing to participate jointly in weekly town hall appearances…creating an expectation that McCain is prepared for direct debate on the issues…and Obama isn’t. However, I suspect that once the debates are underway, John McCain will find himself struggling to impart his positions and wishing he could reduce the number of opportunities for voters to witness these two candidates in action…face to face…a contrast I doubt will benefit McCain.

I’m of the opinion that the debates, and this video, will draw attention to John McCain’s true temperament; not just the persona he’s succeeded in crafting…with the help of many in the media. The debates will refocus us upon the important policy and character differences we need to consider, but, above all else, they will serve to reintroduce us to the essence of the Obama appeal…a commitment to change…in the way we conduct our political campaigns…and in the way we pursue solutions to our problems.

Ironically, it won’t be John McCain’s age that harms his electability; it will be the fact that he allows his age to be so closely connected with the politics of yesterday. America wants change…and it will soon be evident whose fighting against it…and whose prepared to fight for it…and deliver it.

Baracky II

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  1. One Response to “Baracky II: Taking On The Big Bad Myth Of John McCain”

  2. By Liberal Jarhead on Aug 15, 2008 | Reply

    Going by the clips of McCain at press conferences, choking and going glassy-eyed at questions that actually call for some thought, some issues awareness deeper than bumper-sticker slogans, or taking a stand on anything controversial, any debate will help Obama immensely. McCain makes Bush look sharp and informed, whereas Obama thinks fast on his feet, does his homework on issues, and is pretty articulate. He’ll eat McCain’s lunch. The sooner and the more times they debate, the better.

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