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God What Plantet Does John McCain Live On?

August 27th, 2008 | by Cranky Liberal |

Maybe being a POW has effect his ability to comprehend, but I had to laugh at John McCain’s stupid response to HIllary Clinton’s RINGING endorsement of Barack Obama last night. Honestly if this is the best response they could muster, how in the WORLD will they ever deal with a real problem. What a joke!

“Sen. Clinton ran her presidential campaign making clear that Barack Obama is not prepared to lead as commander in chief. Nowhere tonight did she alter that assessment. Nowhere tonight did she say that Barack Obama is ready to lead,” McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said in a statement.

I guess saying nothing less than the fate of the nation is at stake doesn’t mean much to him. I guess the all the references to President Obama or her impassioned plea to her supporters to unite for Barack Obama doesn’t mean much him. I guess the fact that she was unequivocal in her support for Obama last night means nothing to him.

But he’s right she didn’t say the words “Obama is ready to lead” in those exact words.  She did however say John McCain No Way! No How! No McCain.  If she doesn’t think Obama is ready to lead, what does that say about her opinion of Senator Senile?

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