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Hillary Clinton DNC Speech

August 27th, 2008 | by Papamoka |

Many people, mostly women voters, have no gut feeling for Obama and are thinking about tossing their vote to McCain or just voting for someone else. In my own family, my wife was a die hard supporter of Hillary Clinton and just can not vote for Obama simply because she is not the candidate running with him as Vice President. Her gut feeling is that he screwed woman over and she will not vote for him no matter what.

I think she and the many people thinking like her are wrong in casting their vote to McCain if they do not vote for anyone else other than Obama. The result of this disenfranchisement is the same result that Al Gore faced against Bush in 2000 and lost the election because of Ralph Nader who ran a spoiler campaign. If this thought process is so widespread then John McCain will be the next President and you can look at $8.00 per gallon for gas and toss your humanity out the window as he militarily engages every single nut job nation to save the oil industry interest for America. Toss out your health care as it is today and watch your paycheck drop to nothing as the insurance industry writes the laws for another lazy President to dictate that your health insurance cost should rise by hundreds of percentage points simply because the people writing the laws need more money out of your pockets. Banking industries will be once more set free to pillage the land like Attila the Hun attacking the disadvantage again so we could repeat the Keating Savings and Loan scandal. Repeal all of the choice issues when it comes to your body and toss the shredded remains at the feet of your savior John McCain simply because you cast your vote for him or any other candidate other than Barack Obama.

Originally I supported Joe Biden for President just based on his foreign relations expertise that is unmatched by any other person in all of our nations government services. Politicians anyway. I switched to Obama because of his message and insistence on change and the fact that Hillary Clinton was going negative during her primary campaign. They both have the same positions on almost every single issue which is why there was such a tough primary process.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had such a hard fight in the Democratic Party primary election only because they are both so close on all of the issues. Both Hillary and Barack are for a national health plan, McCain is not, both are for getting out of Iraq and bringing our troops home, McCain would be happy to be there 100 years, both are for rebuilding America, McCain wants to sell out to special interest and big oil, both Clinton and Obama are very pro women’s rights and that is the final thought. John McCain would toss woman’s rights and advancement back to the 1960’s with his selection of extreme right wing Supreme Court Justices. John McCain is not even comparable to Hillary Clinton on any issue. His position is that woman should shut the hell up, let men dominate them, and should just be seen and not heard. Those words were typed by a father of five daughters and their future is very important to me! I do not want my five daughters living their lives as subservient and not worthy, this is America and not Saudi Arabia. My daughters are being raised in America and they too should have every opportunity to change the world they live in. John McCain does not care about the other half of the population that just happens to be female.

Hillary Clinton inspired over 18 million people to vote for her in the primary. Her fight and battle for the Presidential nomination of her political party was honorable and historical. She alone proved that woman are not just equal in politics but can in fact win enough votes to move the woman’s rights issues forward not just one step but hundreds of steps.

In Hillary Clinton’s DNC Convention speech in Denver she threw her heart and soul behind Obama for President but not for political reason but because she too believes in change. Change that she believes that only Obama can bring to America. With her help he just might be able to move our nation forward with the change that is needed and in the direction back to our nations people. What if Hillary Rodham Clinton made the arguement that I am trying to impress on her lost supporters? Would her own words be enough to change their minds? Over at MSNBC they have this video of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech at the DNC in Denver…

Video Link


Hillary Clinton is a driving force in this election and the wisdom she recited from Harriet Tubman on keep it going, and keep running is what America needed to hear. Our children and their future is in the hands of the people backing Hillary Clinton. She will be backing Obama simply because they have the same thoughts on many issues. Unity in the Democratic Party has begun and the message from Hillary Clinton tonight was all about those of us less fortunate, struggling through life, and working hard to better our lives and our children’s future. In Hillary Clinton’s words, “No way, no how, no McCain!” I have to agree with the Senator from New York on that thought. Please don’t toss away your vote and thus toss a vote to McCain for President. Change is coming and it isn’t found in the John McCain for President message.

Side Bar: Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman of MSNBC obviously have some personal and professional arguments and that was very obvious as Chris Matthews called Keith Olberman on the carpet several times during the coverage of the nights events. Matthews looked like a jerk in doing so each and every single time he got pissed off at Keith Olberman. Then I was wondering if the Pat Buchanan and Rachel Maddow spats and aggressive arguments was staged or real life thoughts. Knowing Rachel Maddow, it was real life anger.


Originally posted at Papamoka Straight Talk…

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  1. 3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton DNC Speech”

  2. By rube cretin on Aug 27, 2008 | Reply

    “Rarely does one witness someone eating shit with such energy, grace, and aplomb.” Rude Pundit

  3. By Alex on Aug 27, 2008 | Reply

    What’s interesting, this is at least the third speech Mrs. Clinton has given in her attempts to convince those who voted for her to vote for Mr. Obama. It’s interesting because Obama supporters are finally acknowledging that Mrs. Clinton is in fact making these arguments. The shock, fortunately not really expressed in this post, is strange as she has been doing this, albeit necessarily on a smaller platform, for several weeks now. I’m happy to see the underlying assumptions about Mrs. Clinton (and the vast majority of her supporters) placed aside: She isn’t simply scheming her way into the White House in 2012 (Was there ever evidence for this Chris Mathews et. al?); she is making the case for Mr. Obama.

  4. By Lisa on Aug 27, 2008 | Reply

    It’s all scripted and it doesn’t mean a thing.

    What Rube wrote.

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