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What’s Wrong With The Big Dick?

September 2nd, 2008 | by Windspike |

Any one else out there wondering why The Big Dick Cheney is not slated to speak at the GOP love-fest for McSame and Palin?

Republicans awarded one-time Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut senator, a prime-time speaking slot Tuesday night as they courted millions of independent voters essential to McCain’s presidential hopes.

Bush — not so much.

And Vice President Cheney not at all.

You have got to wonder what’s up with the GOP when they can’t trot out their own leadership for fear of losing an election. Since when has a sitting president and Veep become a liability? When they have the track record of Bush/Cheney.

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  1. One Response to “What’s Wrong With The Big Dick?”

  2. By mr bigstuff on Sep 3, 2008 | Reply

    the devil dick cheney is today or some time near attending a civil war battle re-enactment on the outskirts of chattanooga, tn. turns out his great fucking some number of times grandfather “fought” in this battle. of course, the cheney klan defines fight a little bit different than the rest of us. the great great many times over granddevil was an aide de camp for a general rosecrans, who his troops affectionately nicknamed “rosey”. imagine that. i’ll bet ole rosey would have a gay old time at todays republican’t pink boa ball to which the younger cheney was not invited. probably because he hadn’t puffed enough peter to qualify. anyway, the great great, etc. granddevil being an aide de camp, probably never fired a bullet in anger or came anywhere close enough to combat to even see the rockets red glare or hear the cannonades thunder of course, in the typical cheney tradition. all the right wing, red neck, heritage not hate, rebel flag waving rednecks will be happy to know that the great, great, many times over granddevil accompanied northern troops to the outskirts of chattanooga back in the day while they helped to destroy the confederacy and kill southern troops. i’ll bet the devil cheney’s rallying cry at the re-enactment will be “watch out boys, the north’s gonna do it again.”

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