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Little Man in the Big Spotlight

September 8th, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |



John McCain relishes his self-annointed role as a maverick. He mentions it as often as he mentions being a POW and he mentions that as often as Rudy Guiliani mentions 9/11. In his maverick myth, the hero - played poorly by McCain - is a sort of modern day Yosemite Sam. He fancies himself as the go-it-alone guy who stands on principle and angily defends them until someone shuts him up, buys him off, or collapses with laughter - as with his “principled” stand on torture for example. McCain has a long history of acting like a pitbull sans lipstick and taking on way more people than he can fight with his withered, arthritic hands.

Jealousy is an unattractive trait, especially McCain’s virulent strain. One could almost see the seeth as Sexy Sarah became the party darling leaving McCain only one step away from being delared as much a persona non grata as Bush at his own convention. McCain is already running against Obama, Bush, himself, and his own party, so when party honchos pressured him to select Sarah Palin over better candidates, they nearly assured that he’ll begin chewing off one of his limbs to jealously lash out at Palin too.

The Republicans don’t need that kind of diversion. By pitting charasmatically-challenged Walnuts against Bangin’ Sarah they’ve created a problem for themselves. Palin carries more baggage than a doorman at a swank hotel and early indications are that she may be a Bush-style pit miner who just keeps on digging when the best advice is to clam up. The McMuffinman will keep stating opinions in direct conflict to his Veep-in-Waiting which only highlights the fact the two of them are about as politically compatible as Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth. McCain will battle to not get lost in the wake of Palin’s meteor dust and Palin, by just being herself, will overshadow the man at the top of his ticket.

The Democrats are salivating at the prospect of pitting thier charisma merchant against Hockey Mom. Obama is prepping mano a mano charisma matches with Palin, leaving McCain as the candidate with nowhere to run. The Democrats are taking the bait the Republicans didn’t even know they’d have 3 weeks ago. It remains to be seen how all of this will play out.

There was once a time when people didn’t vote for Vice Presidents. The Veep simply wasn’t important enough to do much besides attend state funerals when No. 1 was busy. Gore became the first new-generation Veep - one with actual policy positions and who was expected to attend cabinet meetings instead of golf pro-ams. The Big Dick accelerated the importance of the Vice Presidency by electing himself running mate, declaring himself a separate branch of government, and pulling the strings up George Bush’s ass. We’ve come full circle to Sarah Palin who can outshine her boss like a thousand watt light in a coal mine and may turn out to be the public face of the ticket.

This upside down approach to political tickets is another curve in this campaign’s long, strange trip. No. 1s run against No. 2s, former Presidents are embarrassingly disowned, and candidates who can incite fervor in crowds are seen as less attractive Paris Hiltons. It’s no wonder change is the theme of the day and no wonder why it’ll be damnably difficult to achieve. The political landscape looks like a three-ring circus.

And the electorate is standing on it’s head in the center ring.

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