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No To The Same Old, Same Old - Invest $72.72 In The Future

September 12th, 2008 | by Daniel DiRito |

Amidst the misdirection and the attempt of the McCain campaign to yank the change mantra from the Obama campaign, the realities remain the same…John McCain is four more years of George Bush.

Would there be differences? Sure, stylistic differences…rhetorical differences…but the kind of difference that will positively impact the average American who faces the most ominous economic downturn in decades? Well, the answer, in terms as certain as a Rudi Giuliani convention speech, is…not a chance, no way, nada.

With that in mind, I wanted to put an exclamation mark on the rationale for rejecting four more years of George Bush. The following graphic, and its call to donate $72.72 to the Obama campaign, is my way of saying eight years is more than “enough”. It’s time to embrace the candidate who actually supports change…not the candidate who thinks you can varnish over petrified policies and sell them as something new.

So if you’re reading this posting, take a few extra minutes and go to the Obama website and make a donation of $72.72. If you do, you’ll be doing your part to send George Bush, and his alter-ego, John McCain into retirement. It’s a twofer well worth the investment.



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  1. One Response to “No To The Same Old, Same Old - Invest $72.72 In The Future”

  2. By Cranky Liberal on Sep 12, 2008 | Reply

    Love it - and did it.

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