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Sarah Palin and Animal Cruelty

September 12th, 2008 | by Liberal Jarhead |

Why does Sarah Palin hate wolves so much she tries to use her office to fund animal cruelty with taxpayer revenues?

We’ve been hearing about Sarah Palin’s talents as a hunter and “sportswoman.” Overall the net impact seems to be mainly the novelty factor; a lot of Americans fall on each side of that particular opinion/values gap. There are actually some very reasonable arguments in favor of game hunting for food. Since humans have cruelly and recklessly wiped out so many predators, in many cases it’s the only way to keep deer and other herbivores from starving because there are more of them than the landscape can feed. Further, if a hunter shoots an animal properly, unconsciousness is instant and death takes places in seconds. It’s a lot less cruel than the typical steer’s life in a feedlot and death in a slaughterhouse, and unless one lives a strict vegan lifestyle, it’s hypocritical to eat meat killed and packaged by others but look down one’s nose at a person who cuts out the middlemen.

Full disclosure here: as a lot of people on this blog already know, I am an avid target shooter and gun collector, starting back when I was a teenager and going on through my twenty years in the Marine Corps and the years since my retirement. I have never been hunting. However, I’ve considered it and may take it up one day, and I personally have no objection as long as it’s done humanely, in a way that doesn’t threaten the health of a species overall, and for food.

So I don’t hold it against Sarah Palin that she hunts, if she does it for food and in as humane a way as possible. Hell, she’s probably less likely than the incumbent VP to go out drunk with a shotgun to splatter some caged birds, shoot a friend in the face, and expect the friend to apologize for embarrassing her by getting in the way of her reckless birdshot.

But killing just for fun or ego, killing in ways that endanger species, killing that involves gratuitous suffering – that is sadistic and evil, and I have nothing but contempt for it.

The program in question, which even Bush’s federal government has ruled against repeatedly and which is being continued by the Palin’s state administration despite that, involves shooting wolves from airplanes, killing wolf pups in their dens, and offering a taxpayer-funded bounty for the severed legs of wolves.

Think about this. Picture a wolf, caught in a trap or shot from a plane – there is no way to guarantee a clean shot from a moving plane on a moving animal, so it is usually going to result in an animal being wounded and dying slowly – struggling, in terror and agony, for hours or days. Picture the animal sometimes being alive when the “hunter” shows up to hack its leg off. Picture the animal’s mate and pups dealing with the loss. Wolves mate for life, as we humans claim but seldom actually do.

Never mind that this has nothing to do with hunting for food. Never mind that there are fewer wolves every year and in ecological terms, this can’t be justified. The viciousness of the methods are despicable. If you or I did this to other people’s dogs or cats, we’d go to prison for animal cruelty, and psychologists on TV would give learned lectures about the possible roots of our sadism and depravity.

So – as we’re having to ask ourselves about the speaking-in-tongues anti-Semitic anti-abortion anti-scientific religious lunacy; as we’re having to ask ourselves about someone who says the war in Iraq is God’s will and is happy with the idea of taking the country to war against Iran and Russia too; as we’re having to ask ourselves about the already-unraveling reformer image of someone who tries to fire librarians who won’t convert public libraries to Pentecostal reading rooms, a state governor who insists on working from her home 600 miles from the state capitol and then bills the taxpayers for per diem for staying in her own house; as we will no doubt have to ask ourselves over at least six more things we haven’t heard about yet between now and November 4 –

Is this the mind, is this the character, is this the soul we want to have one frail 72-year-old heartbeat away from the most powerful political office on the plan

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  1. 5 Responses to “Sarah Palin and Animal Cruelty”

  2. By steve on Sep 12, 2008 | Reply

    IF you like wild turkeys LJ I have a spot if you are ever up in Sactown… :)

    Personally… we ain’t going to war with Russia. We do need them to agree that going into Georgia was not a good idea

  3. By Paul Watson on Sep 13, 2008 | Reply

    Problem with that is that, for them, it was a great thing. They’ve proved to their neighbours that they are he ones with power in the region, not the US. Next time they make threats, people will remember Georgia and are more likely to acquiesce.

  4. By steve on Sep 13, 2008 | Reply


    Such a British word…LOL

  5. By Paul Watson on Sep 13, 2008 | Reply

    Sorry. I’ll talk American if’n y’all want me to.

  6. By steve on Sep 13, 2008 | Reply

    It’s funny Paul… when you are bored on a Saturday and “World’s Worse Drivers” is the only thing on… you lay on the couch watching. And it is always a British guy narrating it and there are drivers in Britain or Europe doing stupid stuff. Well… they always end the chase or crash scene with the driver being “disqualified”. We’d say the driver’s license was suspended… Disqualified means the same thing but damn, it is so much more harsh sounding and such a stronger word.

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