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McCain’s Commercial Lies Exposed

September 14th, 2008 | by Papamoka |

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to search You Tube, Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine to find the truth behind the lies McSame is spewing about Obama. At the time of this posting, almost 600,000 people have researched the subject of McCain Lies and commercials and viewed the following video posted on 9/11/2008 pointing out the truth as opposed to the lies coming from the McCain campaign for President. It makes me wonder if people really want to hear the truth or just listen to the mud hitting the wall every single day from the McCain campaign.

Video Link

How many ways do you have to point out the lies before people really get it. John McCain is willing to say and do anything to get the keys to the oval office and if lying is part of it, then so be it. If your ten year old lied or hid the truth as much as John McCain has these past few weeks you would ground them, take away the television, and every other privilege to show them that lying for any reason will never get you ahead. Apparently, in politics, the more you lie the better off you do. Sad. For the record, when my children lie to me, they are called to task for it. When a friend lies to me, a coworker, or whoever lies to me, I look at it as that they don’t trust me to accept the truth and think that I am ignorant and unable to handle the truth. When someone running for President lies to me on any subject, they lose my vote. It’s the only punishment I can give for such an act.

Say what you want about Barack Obama but you will not find double digit lies from his mouth every single week.

As the video says… Psssst… Do something. Email a link to this post and the video to 10 friends and let the truth be heard. Do you want another four years of lies and deception from your President? Psssst… Do something!


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