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Figures…A Good Read From Jack and Jill Politics.

September 22nd, 2008 | by Cranky Liberal |

Poor Sarah can’t debate Joe Biden the way every other candidate has debated their opponent. The need to script it and limit the amount of question\answer segments that allow for a free-flowing debate because they are, get this, scared Sarah doesn’t have enough debating experience. She’s running to be the potential President of the United States and we have to protect her from a …debate??? Sheesh I thought Republicans were against affirmative action.

From Jack and Jill Politics

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  1. 2 Responses to “Figures…A Good Read From Jack and Jill Politics.”

  2. By Tom Harper on Sep 22, 2008 | Reply

    Now give poor Sarah a break. She’s been studying hard for the upcoming debate. She almost has a grasp of the Bush Doctrine, and she can name three countries.

  3. By admin on Sep 22, 2008 | Reply

    Canada, the US, and the place they make Tacos doesn’t count.

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