Bring It On!

Some Thoughts from a Middle Class American

September 24th, 2008 | by Steve O |

How come Wall Street gets bail outs but we get foreclosure notices? Didn’t we both make bad decisions?

Lots of us own houses and pay bills and pay health premiums and when we get sick we are one step away from homelessness yet a homeless person can walk into an emergency room and get free health care?

How come when we fuck up at work we risk losing our jobs? When CEO’s fuck up at work they walk away and have a drink with their closest congressperson?

How come deregulation seems to always get someone in trouble? I know it gets me in trouble when I try to deregulate my checkbook.

How come they always say my savings are at risk? I don’t have any savings.

Can I have a piece of the bail out? I promise to make sure it trickles up.

Really, I mean it. You see, I get check, I cash check, I buy dime bag, my dealer pays rent. His landlord puts rent into money market account. His broker buys eight ball, his dealer sends money overseas and his terrorist buys illegal arms to use against our soldiers.The fuckers right here at home that got us into this mess ask for more money.

Tah dah, global market!!!!!

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