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McCain Making His Own Luck

September 25th, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

McCain Aboard Air Force Zero

Tis a tough time to be a blogger. Events are moving so fast a mere mortal depending on only his fingers, a copy of Wordpress, and a cable modem can’t keep up. Even the 24X7 cable bigs have a problem and they have the help of Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann.

Our formerly fundamentally sound economy flopped has over into a full-blown crisis solvable only by the Vacationer-in-Chief and his sturdy minion, Czar Paulsen. Crisis created, the Chimperor is pouring gas on it. As the fires grow, McGrumpy postpones his faltering campaign by dropping out of sight (though not from the sight of David Letterman, Katie Couric, and the national TV audience). But no worries, he’s continuing to run ads and send surrogates to carry on the fight while he puffs lunacy about leadership in the form of running away from voters and toward his Washington cronies.

Then there’s the “we can do the debates another time” tactic. So far, the O-man says no thanks and the Commission on Presidential Debates is holding strong. Perhaps 2010 might be more convenient for the Senator and the Showgirl.

McCodger Catches His Breath
And just for icing, Bush commands an unnecessary royal audience cum photo op with McCain and Obama in Washington to keep Obama off the “tee-vee” while the struggling old McCodger catches his breath.

This morning brought news of a tentative agreement on the bailout. As the announcement was made, McStraighttalk was still in the air on his way to a quick stop at the office and lunch in the Congressional Mess Hall before putting on his leadering clothes.

Heckuva a Job Johnny
After meetings with McCaniac’s advance men, Republicans suddenly announced “not so fast there, our man hasn’t had time to lead yet.” As the day drew on, the posturing continued while McCain waddled down Pennsylvania Ave. to the White House meeting. Meanwhile his surrogate, Rep. Spencer Bauchus (AL), let everyone know, “John’s not trying to call the shots for the House caucus, I can tell you that (Poobah says: probably because he hadn’t met with them yet). He’s just opposed to the plan in its present form.” And just like that, a near agreement becomes a potential partisan standoff.

Heckuva job at leading Johnny, heckuva job.

In fairness, I have no firm evidence of skullduggery, but then there never is when a Bush is involved. However, I can see plenty of suspiciously fortuitous timing, squirming and squiggling, and on again off again events, much like there always is when a Bush is involved. I don’t necessarily see black hats around every corner, but it sure looks like when you’re out of luck, you make your own.

Unfortunately, what’s lucky for McPalin is not necessarily what’s lucky for you and me.

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  1. One Response to “McCain Making His Own Luck”

  2. By Lisa on Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

    Oh now see where McCain helped create this:
    We are in a new era of “It’s all John McCains’ Fault”

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