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Palin Speaks - Makes No Cents

September 25th, 2008 | by Windspike |

Well, if you didn’t follow the links to review Palin’s answers to four or so questions from the press, here’s what you get about the Fiscal Crisis.

JERSEY JOURNAL: What do you think of bailout package before congress?

A: I don’t support that until the provisions that Sen. McCain has offered are implemented in Paulson’s proposals.

Well, now that McSame has stopped his campaign and stepped into the mix, and Bush has weighed in, we have a solution now right? Nope:

Urgent efforts to lash together a $700 billion rescue plan for the national economy broke apart Thursday night, hours after key lawmakers had declared they had reached a deal.

I see, so if this represents the best efforts of McSame, we can see that they GOP is no good at building bipartisan support for critical situations. Looks like we have a good demonstration of the McSame/Palin leadership capacity right here unfolding before us.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Palin Speaks - Makes No Cents”

  2. By Craig R. Harmon on Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

    1. One of the candidates for our next president remembered that he’s still being paid to be a US Senator and decided to earn his money doing what Senators are supposed to do whether they aspire to be President or not. Bully for him.

    2. What? McCain shows up in the middle of a crisis so bad that a few days ago Harry Reid (yes, that would be Democratic leader Harry Reid) was saying that if McCain didn’t show up to vote for the bail-out plan, it was doomed. But when McCain said he’d show up but Obama passed on doing his paid gig, Reid suddenly decided that McCain would just be in the way. First of all, which is it? It can’t be both. But second he shows up for, what? One day with some ideas for needed changes and the deal doesn’t fall immediately into place and…McCain’s no good at building bipartisan support for critical situations? Bullshit. The thing was a shambles long before McCain showed up. Anyone who thought McCain was going to ride into town like a knight in shining armor and pull the thing together immediately is living in some other time and space zone, not this reality.

    3. Where the hell is Senator Obama? Oh right. He didn’t fulfill his promise to go with public funding for his campaign so he has to shmooze with rich liberals to raise cash rather than earning the cash he’s being paid as a US Senator. So I guess we get a glimpse of how good Obama is at building bipartisan support for any damn thing unfolding before us when he prefers to line his ultra-partisan war-chest with cash.


  3. By Craig R. Harmon on Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

    And, I might add, the GOP isn’t even in the majority in either chamber of Congress so how was it McCain’s responsibility for bringing together the two sides, let alone his failure when they didn’t come together?

  4. By Craig R. Harmon on Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

    Okay, I give. It’s clear I’m way behind on what’s been happening. Obama did show up at the meeting so scratch #3 above. He didn’t fulfill his promise to go with public funding but that’s not relevant to the issue.

    I still have to wonder how anyone thought McCain could deliver conservative Republican votes knowing that a) McCain has so often gone off reservation against conservative Republicans — who ever thought they’d respond to McCain’s urgings? — and that McCain’s own ideas on the package did not address the concerns of conservative republicans. Their concerns (for example, it ain’t the government’s business to be nationalizing private enterprises such as Fannie May and Freddie Mac) aren’t going to be addressed by a deal that effectively nationalizes two large private enterprises and it’s hard to imagine what deal could be made to address these issues.

    As I say, I give up on commenting on this thing. A deal will be reached or it won’t but it will have to be without my further comment on the deal. I’m considering giving up on political commenting altogether for a while, perhaps until after the election and beyond.

  5. By Independent Mind on Sep 26, 2008 | Reply


    It’s probably best that NObama and the Senior Senator from Delaware aren’t in Washington working on the economic crisis. Let real leaders with experience in building bipartisan legislation like John McCain work out the details of the legislation, then NObama can come in and vote present…He might even surprise everyone like he did with the FISA bill and vote yes…It could happen…

    NObama’s not going to do his job as Senator, because he doesn’t know how to write legislation and he wouldn’t know how to present it on the Senate floor even if his staff wrote it for him.

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