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“There’s No One As Irish As Barak Obama”

September 26th, 2008 | by Windspike |

While you are busy waiting for your slice of the 700 Billion Dollar Bail out (don’t hold your breath) here’s something to lighten your day:

This is the email I got from Shay Black that announces the posting of this tune:

At last, a song that chronicles in verse Barack Obama’s historic journey to become the first Black Irish President of the United States.
Hit the little button that says “Watch in high quality.”

Recorded on September 14th, 2008 at the Sunday night Irish music session at the Starry Plough pub in Berkeley, California.
This is an open music and song session, now running weekly for over thirteen years.

The basics of the song started with the Corrigan Brothers in Ireland.

Extra verse contributions (in some form) by Shay Black, Celia Ramsey, Chris Caswell, Walter Askew (Salty Walt), Craig Johnson, Tom Clancy, Barry Gleeson, Dave Sahn, Peter Heelan.

Please forward, and if you can’t learn all the words, learn and sing the chorus.

Yes, we can.

~ Shay Black

In case you are wondering what the quote says behind the singer, here you go:

No revolutionary movement is
complete with out its poetic
expression. If such a movement
has caught hold of the
imagination of the masses,
they will seek a vent in song
for the aspirations, fears, and
hopes, the loves and hatreds
engendered by the struggle.
Until the movement is marked
by the joyous, defiant singing
of revolutionary songs, it lacks
one of the most distinctive
marks of a popular revolutionary
movement; it is the dogma of the few
and not the faith of the multitude

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