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But Seriously Folks This Is Why They Think You’re Stupid

October 3rd, 2008 | by Cranky Liberal |

You know why I say John McCain thinks you’re stupid? Because they continue to lie to your face day in and day out knowing you aren’t going to bother to fact check. It happened again today, when, oddly enough, they tried to claim that Biden was lying when he told the truth and McCain was telling the truth when in fact he was lying. I swear it’s like living in the Twilight Zone

UPDATE: Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign, called Biden’s contention an “outright lie.”

Oddly, instead of shying away from an outright lie told by Joe Biden last night, the Obama campaign appears willing to double-down on his reckless dishonestly. It’s a lie for the Obama campaign to say John McCain’s health care plan taxes health care, when the McCain plan clearly provides the equivalent tax break for every American,” he said. “Whether Barack Obama and his running mate are voting in favor of higher taxes on Americans making just $42,000 or telling bald faced lies, Americans know failed leadership when they see it.”

Umm no it doesn’t clearly provide an equivalent tax break. It is a nice thing only if you are self-insured, but if your company provides you with health care (as is the case in the majority of households lucky enough to HAVE insurance) then your screwed. Now you get taxed on the benefit. Hey way to make health care even more expensive.

Second, way to keep repeating the 42,000 dollar line their Tucker. Even though every major Fact Checker in the world says that’s a bogus line, you insist it’s the truth (which by the way I think Biden pointed out McCain voted for the same bill). Nice! No qualms, no shame, no heistation just a recitation of a debunked lie. That’s what I love about the GOP and that’s why I know they think your stupid.

Given that many of you believe it….maybe they are right.

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