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This Would Be Sloppy For A Blog. Too Bad It’s a Right Winged Journalist

October 12th, 2008 | by Cranky Liberal |

I love this line of attack on Obama. Start questioning why he hasn’t come clean on his “real” relationship with Bill Ayers. No matter how many times Obama answers there was no “relationship” they can go back and say why isn’t he telling the truth. It’s the same thing George Bush said to Saddam Hussein, why doesn’t he turn over the WMD’s? If you don’t have anything to disclose, you can never answer it “correctly.”

It’s gotcha journalism at it’s finest - sorry Sarah Palin. Today’s example of pathetic commentary comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jack Kelley, a man who I don’t think I’d let write for my blog let alone a major newspaper due to his history of issues. Today Mr. Kelley says

In his campaign advertising, John McCain has made much of the association between Sen. Obama and William Ayers, a leader of the Weathermen domestic terror group in the 1970s who has never expressed regret for setting bombs in the Capitol, the Pentagon and police stations. But Sen. McCain didn’t mention Mr. Ayers in Tuesday’s debate.

“Why doesn’t he say these things to my face?” Sen. Obama wondered in an interview with ABC after that debate. It’s a fair question. And a puzzling one, because the relationship between Sen. Obama and Mr. Ayers is much closer than Sen. Obama has so far acknowledged. Sen. Obama’s first campaign for the Illinois Senate began in Mr. Ayers’ living room, and in 1995 Mr. Ayers was instrumental in the selection of Mr. Obama, then a junior attorney at a second-tier law firm, as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an education “reform” project that spent $110 million to no apparent effect, other than providing employment to otherwise unemployable radicals.

The relationship may have begun sooner and been closer. Mr. Ayers was in graduate school at Columbia University when Barack Obama was an undergraduate there in the early 1980s. Did they meet then? A few years later, Michelle Obama and Mr. Ayers’ wife, Bernadine Dohrn, also a former terrorist, worked at the same time for the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin.

Investigative reporter Jack Cashill has noted some intriguing coincidences between Sen. Obama’s 1995 autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” and Mr. Ayers’ 2001 book, “Fugitive Days,” for which Sen. Obama wrote a dust-jacket blurb. Both books have the same lyrical style and are filled with nautical imagery, which would come naturally to Mr. Ayers, who spent a year as a merchant seaman, but which appear nowhere else in Mr. Obama’s writing.

What a load of horseshit. How many ways can he imply that there is something there. Ohh Bill Ayers was at Columbia when Obama was (though if you have ever been to University ask yourself how often do grad-students and undergrads mingle? Unless it’s a horny frat guy and hot co-ed that is?).  Shocking!!! That must mean a conspiracy right?  Their wives worked at a law firm together. Oh my god call the police! I mean that’s definitive proof right? Your wife works in the same rather large company as someone else’s wife. That means for sure you yourself know that persons spouse. You know the spouse of every person your wife\husband works with right? Sure you do…

And and and we should arrest Senator Obama for his “similar lyrical style” or whatever as Bill Ayers book.  That just proves he is a terrorist in training. Crazy that he might have nautical imagery since he grew up in Hawaii which is an island and umm surrounded by, what was that stuff again? Oh yeah - WATER! Na, it must be because Bill Ayers brain washed him or something.

This is what newspapers put out as journalism these days? This is a hatchet job that throws all the mud you can throw without offering anything of substance other than what has been publicly acknowledged. I bet if we dug around we’d see half the article was wrong too because from what I hear Jack Kelly is a habitual liar and drunk, beats women and kicks dogs.

Prove I’m wrong doesn’t.

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  1. 16 Responses to “This Would Be Sloppy For A Blog. Too Bad It’s a Right Winged Journalist”

  2. By newswriter on Oct 12, 2008 | Reply

    The only answer they will accept to any question is “you’re right.” To them, anything else is a lie. And god forbid if your answer requires more than one very short sentence, then you’re just offering long-winded excuses.

  3. By Liberal Jarhead on Oct 12, 2008 | Reply

    When they don’t have any real information, they make stuff up; when you show that what they say lacks substance, they just say it again louder. They don’t want truth, they want something that fits their prejudices; their slogan should be “I have my mind made up, don’t bother me with facts.”
    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many of the same people are also the kind of fundamentalists who cling to a medieval religious worldview and react with fear and hatred to any facts, scientific or otherwise, that poke holes in their superstitions. They’re so terrified of the unknown, to the possibility that their beliefs might be wrong, that they can’t handle any conflicting concepts. It’s the worst kind of dishonesty and mental laziness and cowardice.

  4. By newswriter on Oct 12, 2008 | Reply

    Gosh, Jarhead, when you put it that way, I almost feel sorry for them. Poor little frightened children. Except they aren’t. They’re adults who ought to be able to reason for themselves.

  5. By Cranky Liberal on Oct 12, 2008 | Reply

    Not only are they adults, they are powerful, scary people who manipulate the way we view the world. Their narrowminded twisted view of things poisons the very country they claim to “defend” If Jefferson, Franklin, Adams were part of the enlightenment then these idiots are part of the American Dark Ages.

  6. By Liberal Jarhead on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Oh, I don’t feel sorry for them, at least not in any sense of thinking they should be cut any slack. We all have to face the same uncertainties, and it would be as easy for them to choose to accept the challenges of adulthood as it is for anyone else.

    M. Scott Peck did a far better job, in the first part of his book People of the Lie, of showing how that kind of abdication of adulthood is a form of laziness and is also the root of most human evil. Most of the worst horrors in human history have been committed by fanatics who were more ready to displace their fears onto others than to look in the mirror, question themselves, and go to work on their own issues, and in the service of that shirking, convinced themselves that they were absolutely right. Another outstanding portrayal of that kind of personality was in the book The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer. Whether they’re neocons, white supremacists, Nazis, fundamentalists, or what have you, they’re all the same.

    One thing I’ve seen over and over in my years as a psychotherapist is that no matter what the life problem or emotional issue, it all comes down to the same fundamental choice for all of us. We can work, or we can suffer. The choice to work consists of searching our souls, weighing new information when we receive it, discarding and replacing our beliefs if we see that they don’t hold up, and taking responsibility for ourselves and our own lives. The choice to suffer is shown when people opt instead of working to scapegoat others, to stereotype, to engage in bigotry, and to resist change.

    As Tom noted, these people are dangerous to the rest of us. They are often in positions of power and use that power irresponsibly. They seek power for its own sake rather than to use it to benefit the community or the nation.

    I can understand where they’re coming from, though I don’t condone or accept it. It’s a state of immaturity and self-absorption. When I was a teenager, I was a perfect little Republican conservative; I was an arrogant, closed-minded, violent, homophobic, materialistic little shit - I mockingly wrote papers arguing that the human race had no responsibility to care about the rest of the world and that it was simpler and more appropriate to deal with other people who were different by pigeonholing them into categories and being loyal only to those who I thought were like me.

    Fortunately for me and everyone in my life, I grew up - various life experiences rubbed my nose in the consequences of my own shitty thinking hard enough that I couldn’t live with myself anymore unless I tore down to bedrock and rebuilt based on reality and on principles to which I could be loyal.

    I keep working at it, and I keep challenging my own beliefs and values and changing them if they don’t hold up.

    If I could do it, so could they. If they’d rather make other people suffer than go through the discomfort and work, fuck’em. I have no use for that kind of chickenshit behavior. They’re like alcoholics who won’t do what it takes to get sober.

  7. By Lisa on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Let’s turn this around. McCain had a brief association with a guy who bombed abortion clinics.
    While you’re at it look into these asociations:
    Odinga,Rezko,Acorn,Hatem El-Hady,Rev Wright,Father Pflaeger.
    I love all the excuses you guys make for him and his associations. It seems there’s a pattern here.
    My question is what is it that attracts these people to Obama and what is it that they like about him.
    People that pretty much hate this country and want a new world order. Or in other words money from us in the guise of a Global Warming Tax.
    Where has all his funding come from? He was the least qualified out of all the other candidates and you only get to this level with money.
    BS that his money came from private citizens. Nobody can raise that amount of money from private citizens. The reason he will most likely win is because of money.

  8. By Paul Watson on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Global Warming Tax? Well, I guess if the future of human life on the planet isn’t important enough to you, I can see why you would object to paying but it seems a bit insane to pretend that this is an attempt to get the United States.

  9. By Lisa on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Paul Obama wants a Global Poverty Tax and that hasn’t at well with people so they are going to call it a Global Warming Tax so people won’t object to the redistribution of US money. If you think it’s about the enviroment then you are drinking the same koolaid as the rest of the nutters who think that a Global Warming Tax is going to have any affect on the enviroment. Maybe you missed George Soroa last night advocating we need billiuons to go into A Global Warming Tax. You know that guy the one who wants the US to be socialist.

    I would think that even you would know that:

  10. By Paul Watson on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    I’m aware of the article. I’m also aware of the source. Given the Daily Mail is a xenopobic fear-mongering waste of space, I give it as much credence as the National Inquirer.

    btw, hat’s your party’s policy on the environment and global arming again? Oh, I remember now “Drill, baby, drill!”.

    And finally, oh noes, America might become socialist. In a century or so when Dennis Kunichech is the mainstream rather than a voice in the wilderness, as Obama is a slightly right of centre centrist. Besides which, I live in a socialist country on a socialist continent. So far, the world hasn’t ended. You’re irrational fear of giving a shit about other people if it costs you anything is rather frightening.

  11. By Lisa on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Maybe you like it Paul because well maybe you are well off.and it doesn’t affect you too much.Not to be presumptuous mind you. But there are people in th UK who are struggling and having work long hours just to make ends meet to pay those high taxes.But what do I know that’s from 2 people that are living it over there. and then I also hear there are many people being able to say “bum around” because of it.
    Your world hasn’t ended but maybe it has for many mid-income people.
    It’s just another government run program to create other government programs to run those programs.
    Sorry but I don’t trust government to create more programs. All it does is make people more dependent and less independent.

  12. By Paul Watson on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    There are people in the US who are struggling, too, Lisa. Perhaps you don’t care about them because you don’t want caring about people to cost you money, but you ain’t living in the land of milk and honey either.

    Many people can bum around because of what? The taxes? We’ve got fewer people claiming benefits than ever. Most of the stories that appear in right wing rags like the Daily Mail are oddities and presented as the mainstream. In short, your friends are wrong on this one as we have fewer people claiming benefits than we’ve had for more than a decade.

    Now can you get back to the topic of why lying is ok when it’s about Obama, but telling the truth is wrong when it’s about Palin?

  13. By Lisa on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Give me an effin break Paul. We’ve had social programs for years here and if you go into the cities where the “social” programs have been implemented for 50 years it’ done nothing to help people but enabled them to bring more unwanted babies into the situation and more crime, Just look at Obama’s big socialist city. It’s the highest crime rate with murders being the top crime in the country. Yeah let him run the whole country.
    I like the way liberals use that tactic that if you don’t want to pay more you don’t care. That is such BS it’s ridiculous. Paying more doesn’t mean it’s going to help people. The only people it helps is the government itself. It makes more programs which creates more corruption because all the politicians want theire share.
    Frankly I don’t trust our government to do the right thing.
    And I do things on my own to help people. I don’t think that wanting to give up 40% of my income makes me not caring especially wen I know it isn’t going to used for American citizens but redistributed around the world.
    We don’t get the same loopholes the rich get.
    If any of these politicians had a spine they would do away with loopholes instead of adding a trillion dollars of new spending for “unbderfunded” programs.
    Sorry but I don’t have to like Obama to prove anything. Like I said above what is it about Obama that he seems to be connected to raical types.
    It has nothing to do with his color eithe but more to do with his history a his lack of leadership and experience.
    Like I said I onder what would be made if McCain had any “one’ of the above associations or had a brief encounter with someone who bombed and abortion clincic.
    I am sure many people would be outraged. So what we are supposed to not make anything out of his associations however it’s played down.
    Tough noogies it’ a free country,for now anyway until all who oppose the new world order are shut down.
    They already have people convinced that the republicans are the bad guys and the liberals are the saviors.
    Meanwhile they are the bigest group of backstabbing liars we have in congress now.

  14. By Paul Watson on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Lisa said: “Meanwhile they are the biggest group of backstabbing liars we have in congress now.”

    Only because you lost control in 2006. Otherwise they’d be the second biggest.

  15. By Lisa on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    I never had control. :) Anyway they are all in for themselves.
    So did you hear Raul Castro is actually letting farmers in Cuba privatize.? At least he is releazing the old system isn’t working so well. Not that it ever did.
    Canada voted out their liberals in 2006.Sound familiar? Boris Johnson?
    Weren’t those polls in favour of Livingston and Johnson beat him out? Somehting like when McGovern ran against Nixon. The whole country seemed Pro-McGovern.

  16. By Liberal Jarhead on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    Anybody but me notice that Lisa got away with changing the subject, again?

  17. By Lisa on Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

    That’s right LJ because I already stated my thoughts on post.
    But I will add maybe the guy has a point because like minded people stick together.
    The guy is speculating and with good reason but you guys have yourselves so convinced that it’s all irrelevant that you have no choice but to believe it doesn’t matter.

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