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South Africa Watching Election Campaign in Primitive Racist Country

October 20th, 2008 | by Tom Harper |

Things have really come full circle when South Africa views the United States as a bunch of dimwitted rednecks.

South Africans of all races are hoping Obama will be the next president. 70% of South Africans are in favor of Obama, according to an international Reader’s Digest poll.

South Africa, like most countries, has lost respect for the U.S. because of its ongoing occupation of Iraq. And like most of the world, they blame the global financial meltdown on America’s Wall Street casino.

Christian Barr is a white South African IT worker who served in the military during the last throes of Apartheid. He said “Obama will be better for us in Africa. I am concerned about the conservative Americans – the Midwest states, they might vote for McCain. Whatever happens, though, Africans must come up with their own inventive ways to benefit from the U.S.”

Lucky Mathye, a black police reservist, said “America looks like a worldwide boss. They want all the power in the world and they don’t want to share it. Maybe Obama will be a peacemaker.”

There’s one sharp contrast between the two countries: In the United States, race is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. Instead, everyone uses coded words and phrases. These code words are clearly understood by the intended audience, but if the speaker is accused of racism, s/he can fall back on “what, I didn’t mean anything by that, all I said was _____________________”

In South Africa, with the clear divisions between races and the violent upheavals of the last few decades, race is openly talked about by everybody. As the author (Hamilton Wende) says: “The divisions between black and white have been such an undeniable truth… that people here prefer to acknowledge their existence rather than to pretend that they don’t exist.”

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  1. 6 Responses to “South Africa Watching Election Campaign in Primitive Racist Country”

  2. By Lisa on Oct 21, 2008 | Reply

    We don’t help ourselves either when the NY Times does hit pieces on Candidates wives and attacks on Palin and people like Joe the Plumber.
    Who needs to talk about race. The left talks about if enough for everyone.
    If Colin Powell,Bobby Jindal or Michael Steel were running as republicans I bet the left would make race a bigger issue than they make it now.
    Maybe when we start showing some class and respect for ourselves instead of immature attacks with the likes of our wonderful media and the democrat’s constant whining the world will see us differently.

  3. By Paul Watson on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply

    Speaking as part of the rest of the world, maybe if you didn’t elect such stupid batshit crazy bullying hypocritical arseholes we’d see you better.

    You might recall, under Bill Clinton, the world did see you better. It’s just the last eight years, we haven’t. Gee, wonder why that is? Couldn’t have anything to do with your foreign policy and the moron in chief, could it?

  4. By Lisa on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply

    Maybe they should ask the people of Kenya how they feel about Obama. You know where the real Africans are.
    Yeah Paul the world just looooooved us under Clinton. . We never had an attack under Clinton.
    Al-Qauaeda used to use a poster of Clinton for target practice.

  5. By Paul Watson on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply

    Al Quaida will always hate you. The fact that they’ve been joined by the rest of the world in the last eight years is your problem.

    Unless, of course, you’re saying the rest of the world=al Quaida in which case there’s no hope of having a resonable discussion with you because you’ve gone completely mad.

  6. By manapp99 on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply

    Paul, the rest of the world has always hated the US.

    Unless of course there is a natural disaster or a war.

  7. By Lisa on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply

    how true Mann. They hate us because they have corrupt leaders whe tell them to hate us and don’t use the money we give them for it’s citizens .
    Paul thnks to our media who influences the rest of the world. See with Obama they hype him up so much that the rest of the world thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread because they make him seem like is the almighty and it rubs off.

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