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America Is Finally Exercising Good Judgment

October 22nd, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

The McCain campaign began with a strategy - to the extent they have a strategy - of painting Barack Obama as an untested, inexperienced candidate. Proving their flair for anti-creativity, they caged this stance from Hilary Clinton and her 3 am phone call ads. While they stayed on this message they did passably well because it’s a true enough to compare McCain’s 26-years of Washington bloviating with Obama’s scanty two.

Experience BibNot for lack of trying, McCainiacs found experience a hard sell after they adopted their trained pet Sarah Palin. Compared with a small-state governor who used to be a small-town mayor, who used to be a sportscaster, who used to parade swimsuits, who now can see Russia from her back porch, even the inexperienced Obama looked like a seasoned veteran. After Sarah the Albatross glommed onto McCain’s waddle-choked neck, they abandoned the strategy. It was one of the first in a long line of missteps that turned a modestly bumbling Team McCain into Team Moe, Larry, and Curly.

Judgment Ain’t About Experience
Although polls don’t clearly articulate it, the Palin pick rightfully showcases the idea that experience isn’t as important as good judgement or competence - McCain’s two greatest failings. All the negative campaigning, impromptu strategy changes, muffed interviews, and increasingly eye-rolling charges against Obama are merely symptoms of what we might call the Brownie Principle. McCain could never escape Obama’s contention that he was just a Bush clone because he shows the same shocking incompetence, hubris, vindictiveness, and poor judgment as Heckuva Job George. It’s hard to tell them apart without a DNA test.

Voters too often fail to see the difference between experience (measured in years) vs. judgment (which is an innate characteristic). It’s the mistake that brought us the eight years of incompetence and poor judgment that’s mercifully coming to an end. Although different in scale, George’s poor judgment to invade Iraq isn’t all that different from McCain incompetently trying to tar his opponent as a terroristic, America hating, socialist…despite a sea of polls showing the stupidity of the move.

The Cruelest Joke
This campaign has come to the point where McCain’s incompetence rivals Dumbya’s. His over-blown Maverickness and reformer credentials are a cruel joke on both McCain and the electorate. However, they have had an unintended benefit. Voters with an 8-year case of developmental disability have suddenly pulled their intellect far enough out of the muck to see McPalin as the menace he is. True, there are still those who think Obama is an “a-rab” socialist/terrorist. No doubt they’ve drunk deeply of the silver chalice containing McPalinaide, but there’ll always be information-challenged folks who inexplicably can still exercise the franchise. After all, the Constitution only guarantees their right to vote, not the widom of their choices.

It’s a small victory amidst the nation’s tumult, but it’s important. Voters are emerging from the political middle ages into a renaissance. They’re finally cleaning up the plague-blackened bodies of the past 8 years. It’s an astounding development really. It provides some hope that Americans aren’t quite as stupid as their voting record suggests. Despite McPalin’s line that those living in small-town America are the only true citizens, the equation is being flipped on it’s head. A growing chorus of Americans is finally demonstrating their love for America by voting against McPalin-style experience.

In short, they’re finally exercising good judgment.

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  1. 2 Responses to “America Is Finally Exercising Good Judgment”

  2. By manapp99 on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply

    So when people agree with you and do as you would wish them to do they are exercising good judgement. When they disagree with you and do as they would wish they are stupid.

    So how many elections have the voters been “smart” because they voted your way and how many times have the same people been “stupid” because they voted against your notion of what is right and wrong? Maybe even smart for 8 years or so then stupid for 8 then all of a sudden those same people are once again smart. How do you deal with an election with multiple issues and some go your way and some don’t? Could a man/woman go into a booth to vote and be smart on item one, then stupid for two and three, smart again on four and so on?

    Hell, why even let the unwashed masses vote when elites such as yourself know what should be done and who should be voted in. You seem to credit yourself with an extra ordinary ability to see what mere mortals simply cannot. You and those that think exactly the same as you could just decide for us and we would be happier knowing that we don’t have to think for ourselves and maybe see things different than you. Hey, you could even call it a religion since that is exactly what they tell their followers.

  3. By Independent Mind on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply

    “I know of no political party in America in which there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion as in the Democratic Party.” (What Alexis de Tocqueville would say today)

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