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Johnny Cash — I Am The Nation

October 24th, 2008 | by Steve O |

Johnny Cash’s America was not red, white, or blue, but black. And that blackness contained multitudes. While society has become increasingly divided. Cash navigated some of the most contentious issue of our time - war, prison, reform, youth discontent, religion, Native American rights - without losing his audience. Americans who can agree on little else have agreed on Johnny Cash. What lessons can be learned from his story?

Johnny Cash’s America blends biography, essay, and music to explore the meaning of one American’s life. The film, which will be seen on A&E’s Biography starting end of October (just in time for the election), chapters Cash’s life, his agricultural roots, finding his voice within the original rock and rollers, his commitment to family and self education, his anger at the treatment of Native Americans, his refusal to let prisoners be forgotten, America’s wars - his support and resistance, and patriotism even when questioning the government. All things that are totally relevant today.

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