Bring It On!

Do you think these neighbors talk to each other?

October 26th, 2008 | by Steve O |

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  1. 2 Responses to “Do you think these neighbors talk to each other?”

  2. By steve on Oct 26, 2008 | Reply

    I need to go down Land Park Drive and take a picture of the lawn signs. It is fucking comical. One dude with McCain and Yes on 8 signs has his on the imaginary property line of his neighbor’s lawn. The neighbor is all pro Obama and No on 8.

    I bet no one borrows sugar or the hedge trimmers from the other…

  3. By Lisa on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply

    If I lived next to an Obama supporter(thank God I don’t)We have a movement on my block to “get out the vote”,I’d be cautious about letting my dog out alone.

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