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Where’s The Bail Out For Public Education?

November 19th, 2008 | by Windspike |

Seven Hundred billion dollars here. Twenty-Five billion maybe there? The question for the day is how much would it cost just to bring the crumbling buildings that we warehouse our children in public schools across America back up to spec and high quality safety standards? That’s minimally the number we would need to bail out our public schools pre-k-Universities (already on 10-15 years of deferred maintenance). Where’s the bail out for public schools in America?

Oh, wait, we squandered that last month in the new social welfare state we call Iraq. I don’t mean to make light of a serious situation, but really, the for profit industry has some answering to do before they get “bailed out,” if ever. Education does not operate well on the for-profit model, mainly because it’s not scalable. The more students we teach at one time the more expensive it is. It doesn’t get cheaper to provide high quality education to more students like it does when you aggregate risk and bundle your assets to be sold to some one willing to assume it (or if you build more cars in bigger factories).

Education is in much more dire need for a real cash infusion, but we are so used to threadbare operating budgets, that it has become commonplace and has been the longstanding status quo. When the economic crisis finally culminates in the murdering of our public schools, the tab is going to blow away those being requested by companies that actually don’t deserve the bail out and should fall on their own swords.

How many small start ups are getting rescued here? Most of the people gainfully employed in America are employed in small businesses, not those asking for more corporate welfare. Our value system is totally twisted (why else would we pay baseball players more money to swing a bat than we do the teachers who taught them how to read). How do we rectify that?

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