Bring It On!

The 12-Step Incumbancy Perk Program

November 20th, 2008 | by Jet Netwal |

Plenty is being said today about the Democratic Steering Panel choosing Waxman over Dingle. Most of it is fairly uncomplimentary towards Mr. Dingle, who likely deserves a good portion of the critique. What I find interesting has very little to do with Dingle’s entrenchment with failed Detroit automaker’s business practices, or Waxman’s California-based environmental chops. The fact that the vote, 25-22 in favor of usurping Dingle, says that seniority is not final.

This is huge.

It’s the first nail in the coffin of incumbency perks; a public declaration of country before self. It’s a breath of nation saving fresh air in the stale halls of the House and it makes me feel hopeful that the incoming administration will find a legislative body that’s clean and sober.

One step down, eleven to go.

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