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Our broken accounting.

December 10th, 2008 | by Dusty |

The Center for Public Integrity has a fantastic site up that lays out all the horrors of the Bush Administration for our perusal. In fact, my graphic to the right is filched from that site. They list 128 failures by the Bush Administration and folks…its ugly…damn ugly. From their site:

In this, a comprehensive assessment of these failures, we found more than 125 examples of government breakdown in areas as diverse as education, energy, the environment, justice and security, the military and veterans affairs, health care, transportation, financial management, consumer and worker safety, and more - failures which adversely affected ordinary people and made the nation a less open or less secure place to live. While some are, by now, depressingly familiar, many are less well-known but equally distressing. And though the list is diverse, it also reflects some recurring - and troubling - themes.

Some of these problems were in place well before George W. Bush’s inauguration, but were exacerbated by his policies or worsened by his administration’s actions (or inactions). Many of the failings are tied to Bush appointees who appear to have been selected primarily on the basis of ideology and loyalty, rather than competence. Every administration has its share of political cronies, of course, but the examples of the past eight years seem especially stark:

This accounting of the outright failures of our federal government will take your breath away..that is if you care, and I trust that you do. Check it out and tell me what bothered you the most. I am still reading it but felt I had to put this post up first. The pdf report in it’s entirety can be read and downloaded here. All 110 pages of it.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Our broken accounting.”

  2. By rube cretin on Dec 10, 2008 | Reply

    The list is sickening. Especially interesting is the info on how much privatization has taken place. Brings into question issues about who is most effective in delivering services. This a continuation of the discussion on free market capitalism’s failure to deliver even the most basic services. Crony capitalism at its best. Indefensible stuff, but i’m sure there are some on this site that will find a way to blame it on government, which was successfully drown in the proverbial bathtub. Pure unadulterated Treason! Hang the bastards.

  3. By Dusty on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply

    I have written extensively on the privatization of our federal government, which of course means there is little if ANY oversight.

  4. By steve on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply

    I think there is a way to privatize things and have oversight with elected officials Dusty. No one wants to try though because of the “captialist-free market… someone could lose an entitlement, mentality of it all”.

    I am all for privatizing construction of free ways, the DMV, and even public education. I am against privitization of the legal system like Police and such though. I think those have to stay with the government.

  5. By rube cretin on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply

    construction of freeways is already a private function in most states. maintenance of the poorly constructed systems for the pot holes which show up in many instances before the private companies get through with the job is often done by low paid government workers. DMV could very easily be privatized, because most people have already purchased their last auto. think about that. much of the military is privatized. security functions in many cases have already been privatized, with companies like blackwater. education is privatized in many respects because private companies develop and administer most of the tests and the training. They leave the difficult job of actual teaching to low paid gov. employees. yep we have privatized almost every damn thing that can be privatized. hell, many agencies during the past few years have been judged on their effectiveness by the amount of their work that has been privatized. folks that can afford to send their children to private schools are already doing it. Yep, we have privatized just about everything, deregulated the rest, and cut the safety nets for the those falling through the cracks. Now that the country is rapidly moving into a depression lots of folks who thought they were doing well and supported neocon, right wing policies are about to find out that they are going to be in the soup line with all the other folks.

    I am an old man. What has been done to this countries economy during the last few years in the name of privatization, deregulation, and cutting social programs for the poor is nothing short of treason. while i don’t have one i am sure there are lists being kept and those who believe they will escape the full impact of what has been done to our nation will be in for some real surprises. Take it from an old man who was raised by depression hardened parents, learn to live frugally. save everything you can. Make friends. learn to grow a garden. learn a trade that produces something of real value. strengthen family relationships. if you purchase any thing for a love one for christmas make it a good sleeping bag. Its cold when the utilities are cut off.

    This report just documents the last feeding frenzy of the hogs at the trough. Crony capitalism at it’s worst. Pure greed. But, if it is any consolation you will see many of the folks responsible for this mess standing next to you in the soup lines in the very future. being responsible includes those who have out of ignorance supported those who made all this possible. peace. enjoy christmas. next year is going to be a bitch.

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