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Love Apples

Mother Nature has given us many more varieties of foods than we will ever be able to hunt down in a single store. Sometimes a local store will sell food grown locally. However, in the day of major worldwide food magnets selling their products uniformly in their chain stores it becomes unusual to find that […]

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Utah, Minnesota and Iraq

Robert E. Murray the owner of the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah where the miners are trapped exemplifies the stereotype of a Republican business owner from the most conservative state in the union. From the statements broadcast I wonder why anyone in their right mind would risk their lives to work for him. After […]

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Fear Again and Fear More

Crawling through the jungle in Southeast Asia might heighten your senses. Knowing that besides the poison offered by nature there are also dangers in the form of a human enemy moving with stealth through the jungle piques the senses even higher. The heightened sensitivity of ones senses in these circumstance s is due to the […]

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The best way to understand any issue is to ask questions. This might sound obvious, but in the case of 9/11/2001 this is not so. Questions were not the point, raw retaliatory reaction was the patriotic response, and nothing else could be considered “Ameri can.”
But, now five years later nothing has changed in the minds […]

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Blah, Blah, Blah, 9/11, Blah, Blah, Blah

I am sitting here listening to President George W Bush once again invoking the terrorist attack of 9/11 in order to scare the American people once again. He certainly understands how this works, because the November elections are on the horizon and the Republicans look like they might loose the House of Representati ves. These […]

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Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin

These famous words are always uttered by the religious right when the question of homosexualit y is brought up. But, These very same people call those of us who are opposed to the horrendous actions of that man some call president of the United States of America, George W Bush. I say, the man is […]

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Respect Education

How can we fix our national education problem? Of course we must first admit that there is a problem. With all of the proposals being floated around the politicians – testing, accountabili ty, more taxes, more discipline, higher teacher&rsqu o;s salaries, school vouchers, and magnet schools for example – someone must think that there is […]

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The Power of Fear

What motivates us? Is it the law of the jungle, animal instinct or practical planning for the future? Think of the next thing that you are planning to do after you finish reading this post. Why are you going to do it? There are several motivating factors that I can think of: curiosity, love or […]

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Who Are the Fascists?

When George W Bush said that we were battling the Islamo-fasci sts he set off a wave of criticism. But what does he care? George W Bush has shown us all that he doesn’t care what the world thinks.
This article in the Saudi Arabian press demonstrates just how poorly the Bush administrati on understands the […]

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News We Don’t Get In the USA

How many Americans are aware of the plight of the city of Mosul?
Read this and believe it or not. It seems that when you pull out forces to beef up a city like Baghdad those troops need to come from somewhere.
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Popularity: 11% [?]

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