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April 5th, 2007

To God, or not to God; A Liberal Interpretation

So Doc Collins beat me to the punch with his quote, mine would only be slightly different…

“I am a scientist and a believer, and I find no conflict between those world views.”

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March 30th, 2007

Weiners, Winers and Winners

Have you ever had a weiner at your feet? I mean a cuddly, warm, well bred all American Hot Dog curled around your sore bunyuns at the end of the day? Well, I have and I do.

My trademark insignia on my homepage, and my former icon here, both depict my faithful loverdog Cali as posed above. The most remarkable thing about this young girl is that at any given moment…. she could give less than two shits about our putrid handling of life, liberty, and world affairs.

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March 23rd, 2007

The Ass of Velocity (more commonly referred to as The Seat of Power)

QUESTION: How do you get billions of dollars in Pork?

ANSWER: $50,000,000 at a time.

A few years ago, $50,000,000 might have turned a few heads, but with today’s lottery prize amounts, it might not even pay the taxes on them. Kinda like war statistics, there was a time when the words “four dead” could inspire pop stars of the time to write songs, but now those words simply reveal a bored newscasters revelation of a two day body count of US forces. But I digress.

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March 17th, 2007

Gonzo’s Great Masquerade

There are two absolute truths in life, I have discovered. Behind every good man is a great woman, and behind every news story is the truth, sometimes way behind.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, (D) Ill., made a startling yet simple statement on the floor today. A statement that is probably going to fade from the forefront due to the media feeding frenzy of mainstream journalists tasting the blood of an impending doom over Attorney General “Gonzo’s” expected short tenure.

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March 16th, 2007

Here Piggie, Piggie, Piggie!!!

Rep. John Carter (R) of Texas, landed a stinger missle directly on target in session today. When discussing the House bill funding emergency war supplemental issues, the Honorable Mr. Carter stated with eloquence

Mr. CARTER. There is talk that the $100 billion war supplemental will include an extra $20 billion in goodies. Such projects are seemingly irrelevant to the mission our soldiers are expected to carry out. For example:

$60 million for the California and Oregon salmon fishery disaster of ‘06;

$400 million for timber revenue program in Oregon;

$400 million in low-income home energy assistance for State grants;

$448 million unrequested funds for State children’s health insurance programs, and;

a half a billion dollars for wildfire management and suppression.

Now, these are valuable projects, but they don’t belong in an emergency war supplemental. They appear to be nothing more than an attempt to buy votes at the expense of our soldiers in the war on terror. The supplemental is meant to be an emergency troop funding vehicle and there is no excuse for $20 billion worth of pork in that supplemental.

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March 14th, 2007

No way I’m conventional!

In review of life, I’ve lived good.

Things may not always be the same, but they do seem good. Take my Mom for instance, she is a patron saint of the church, an honest revelation of what is real within the sanctity, but she doesn’t sweat the small stuff regularly. It occurs to me that the worst thing to ever happen to Christianity was GW; how does anyone survive that onslaught? For many across this nation, the right to believe, nurture, propogate, and further the religious beliefs is paramount. It is incredible how we Christians have to pussyfoot around in fear of being “Bushed”.

Our need to stand to the call of the difficulties is large. Our need to place a stand to the ignorant is larger. I can not think of a more critical time to bleed our thoughts into the stream of life than now.
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January 27th, 2007

After The Storm

What would actually happen if we got back to living our own lives? I mean, if all were still the same as far as the powers that be were concerned, but we actually got back to living our lives as participants instead of viewers? I often wonder about my time spent in pursuit of greater worldly causes, and of the time that actually denies me of in fact doing anything about “greater worldly causes”?

I’m no sage, but I have lived a couple of years, and it occurs to me that sometimes just doing our own little micro-cosmic thing can actually bloom out into a whole network of microcosms that actually achieve something.

The Hippies had it in the 60’s, they spread some very definite messages about peace, individuality and pluralism, good and evil. Simply take a look at communes, free love, John Lennon, Ohio and Vietnam. The Yuppies had it in the 80’s, they spread some definite inroads on capitalism, New Age and Punk, social intolerance, stocks and dot coms.
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January 19th, 2007

4400, and counting…

That is the number of signatures already collected on the United Methodist Church based petition to stop the Bush Library from landing at Southern Methodist University. Signed by Bishops, Ministers, Catholics, Atheists, and more, this petition is a clear message of disenchantment. Go take a look, read and sign if you like, but recognize the sentiment at least.


We the undersigned express our objection to the prospect of the George W. Bush library, museum, and think tank being established at Southern Methodist University. As United Methodists, we believe that the linking of his presidency with a university bearing the Methodist name is utterly inappropriate. We urge the Board of Trustees of Southern Methodist University and the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church to reject this project.

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January 11th, 2007

Oi Vay! It’s No Longer Cool To Be Country?

Oh my God! The sky is falling!
Would you give me a freakin’ break? Jimmy Carter is a man of principle who speaks his mind. Always has, probably always will. He has spent a lifetime being a conciliatory force between warring factions, so now when he takes a politically incorrect, yet somewhat intelligent stand on the modern Israeli/Arab conflict, now suddenly all those Jewish brethren who were happy to tag the Carter Center in their volunteer resumes for untold profitable benefit, now they find the man’s politics untenable? CNN spins this as a mass exodus of staunch Carter followers

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Former President Jimmy Carter’s controversial book and subsequent remarks about the Israel-Palestinian conflict have prompted the resignations of 14 people from an advisory board of the Carter Center, the 25-year-old Atlanta-based humanitarian organization.

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January 10th, 2007

State Of The Confusion

an advance peek at the President’s speech tonight…

My fellow Amuricans, I have met with my advisers, sponsors, advertisers, stock brokers, and co-conspiritors, and I stand before you tonight to inform you that The State Of The Confusion is good! Sadamma bin Laden is dead, hanged by the neck in front of a 5 share TV audience of his peerless foes, and rebroadcast to the masses by my good friends at CNN. Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi, has been seen stirring her magic cauldron of sin, and my good friend Rev. Fellwell is in the midst of destroying the Yellow Brick Road in precaution as we speak. Vice President Haliburton has orders to bomb the DNC at a moment’s notice, and I have just renamed Somalia as New Kansas.(Sorry Toto, we lost the old one…) Last, but not least, the evildoer of doom, Sir Kennedy of the Round Table, was seen dining at the lair of the insidious Osama Barrack, and has been stripped of his driver’s license in retribution.
I have moved from my stance of the last address given, referring to an “Axis of Evil”, to a more poignant position that says we are not simply faced by a triad of evil nations verses the World, but rather that we, Amurica, have joined my very good buddy Tony B. and England, in forming a new more powerful, faster than lightning, able to leap tall United Nation buildings in a single vote, Bilateral menage Au dux, to be forthwith known as the “New, New World Order Force“…or more lovingly referred to as “Neocon Nitwits With Oral Fixations”. Welcome to my nightmare.” hmmm…now where did I lay my binky?…

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January 5th, 2007

A Return To Civility?

I pondered for a moment just now, on wether or not to place a question mark at the end of my story’s title or not. Is there a freudian inference there? Probably, but far be it from me to have the inteligence to figure it out, I just liked the look of a question mark there. See how that works? No need for a call to the Left to support my subersive questioning stance, nor any cause to rabble the Right by mocking my abscence of a period, even at the end of this very sentence (nice touch, huh)? Just a simple statement presented as a question because I happen to like the curvy little fellow.

As of this week, the Questions are in control for now, and the Periods are, well, shall we say,having a period of regret. Yet the band plays on, as do we all here. “Friday, January 5th, 2007, and that’s the way it is.” (God I miss Walter..) So for now the Walter Wannabees are the voice of the land, the spinners of yarn, and the tellers of tales here and abroad, taunting the Periods with Questions, some Questions more bold than others, and others just plain foolish! Enter the Exclamation Points, a rather pompous version of the Periods, known for their outlandish and unyeilding remarks…a Period that has been shafted, if you will. Exclamation Points have a great tendancy to not only offer a single sided view, but speak with absolute authority!

Watch this for example;
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January 2nd, 2007

The Best Judges Money Can Buy?

Sounds kinda like a line from a bad gangster movie. Chief Justice Roberts is warning that “Pay for federal judges is so inadequate that it threatens to undermine the judiciary’s independence.”

“Inadequate compensation directly threatens the viability of life tenure, and if tenure in office is made uncertain, the strength and independence judges need to uphold the rule of law — even when it is unpopular to do so — will be seriously eroded,” Roberts wrote.

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December 29th, 2006

A Question Of Ethics

A question of ethics it seems, D.A., Bloggers, and Media alike.

I feel a certain priveledge, and yes a bit of a rush to have this wonderful podium from which to shout and wave my sword at windmills, indeed I think we all do. Bloggers are a wonderful lot in that they have helped point out injustice, expose the frauds, champion the defenseless, and yes hang the accused in the web, sometimes even before the truth is exposed?

Who then will police this ‘police state of writers’, this web of spin artists, even this group of self servers? I remember, even right here on this very site, the outrage spun out of control last spring when those “hooligans and thugs” of Duke stood exposed, accused, and all but convicted of rape, sodomy, and cold blooded womanizing! How dare these imputent sons of the rich defile such a virtuous Black Woman in her prime! Even good friends and colleagues of mine, right here, had vile and dispariging comments for these ‘guilty’ young men.
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December 28th, 2006

A Word From The Grave

GerryAnd so it goes that the truth speaks loud from the grave. How many of you who supported the late President Ford upon hearing of his death will still rise to his side at the news of his disdain and contempt at Bush’s War? Will the Woodward interview be seen as a strong message from a great man, or more as a weak commentary from a dead guy? Rock on Gerry, you are the man again today!

“Rumsfeld and Cheney and the president made a big mistake in justifying going into the war in Iraq. They put the emphasis on weapons of mass destruction,” Ford said. “And now, I’ve never publicly said I thought they made a mistake, but I felt very strongly it was an error in how they should justify what they were going to do.”

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December 28th, 2006

King George’s Absolution

“Lord, I’m so tired of moanin’, tryin’ to groan away my blues…everytime I think of you”, Eric Clapton put it best, “I would rather die of starvation, everytime in the desert sun..”

Saddam Hussein held out the last laugh on GW’s “geehawd” with his farewell letter to the Iraqis, calling for mercy on ‘Poor George’s misguided soul’, I can’t help but wonder how the Bush aristocracy will respond to the very words of Hussein, exonerating the ‘Boy King’ himself when Saddam the condemned one said,

“I call on you not to hate, because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair, and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking,” the letter said.

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