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Pot Propaganda Alive & Well

For anyone who’s studied the history of marijuana prohibition in the United States, it’s pretty clear that financial greed was at the heart of taking a magnificentl y useful plant off the market to make way for the petrochemica l industry, as well as the textile and paper industries. Prior to hemp’s becoming illegal, it […]

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Central Banks Save The Day?

In the wake of plunging global stock markets, central banks of Japan, the European Union, and the United States have been injecting huge sums of cash into the banking systems to increase liquidity and stave off panic. As of today, since last Thursday, the US Fed has dumped over $60 billion into the banks (including […]

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China Threatens “Nuclear Option”- Could Crash Dollars Dominance

Reports are out today that China’s government has threatened to liquidate its US dollars, triggering a potential dollar collapse, if US lawmakers push for Beijing to reevaluate their own currency.
This is serious folks. This is worse than a random terrorist strike. This would be like a financial armageddon.
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Iraqi Power Grid Ready To Collapse

Iraqi’s throughout the country, but especially in the capitol city of Baghdad, are close to losing the little daily electricity they get, due to a rapidly degrading power grid, according to the Iraqi electricity minister.
Citing a lack of fuel, poor maintenance, and insurgent sabotage, coupled with ever increasing demand, the Iraqi power grid can’t meet […]

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Using Public Funds For Single-Sex Schools

San Antonio, Texas school administrato rs are looking to build that state’s third all-girls public school in an ongoing experiment to see if such institutions can increase the number of females moving into careers in math and science. Using a combination of private dollars and public taxes, the district wants to open an all girls […]

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Missing Weapons or Arming The Opposition?

For all the chatter about supporting the troops, you’d think this government would do a better job of making sure they do all they can to protect men and women sent into war. Sadly, we know that this isn’t the case.  We’ve heard about lack of body armor. We’ve heard about poorly armored vehicles. We’ve […]

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Quote of the Day- 8/5/07

Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” – James Baldwin
 This seems to fit our current administrati on to a tee!Tags: General, BIO

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Pouring Fuel In The Fire- The Bush Mid-East Plan

The Bush Administrati on has finally solved the crisis in the Middle East- it’s giving several Mid-East countries billions of dollars in arms and military aid in exchange for a promise that they will “isolate Iran and help the US defeat the Iraqi insurgency.”
At a press conference after meeting diplomats from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, […]

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Schools Teaching Less Variety In Favor Of NCLB Test Score Requirements

Remember when we went to school and got to learn about science, history, art, music, and even had a PE class several times a week? Well, those days have been gone for some time, what with school districts claiming poverty and cutting classes in music, art, and PE for years even as administrato rs salaries […]

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Mormon Church Says It’s OK To THINK Gay, Just Not To BE Gay

In their newest pamphlet on homosexualit y, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka The Mormon Church) asserts that homosexual relationship s are “inconsisten t” with God’s plan, but that some people may not be able to “overcome” their attractions.
“While many Latter-day Saints, through individual effort, the exercise of faith, and reliance upon […]

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