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June 17th, 2006

The Eerie Frenchmen Still Speaking from the Dead

We all recall that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed last week by two huge 500lb bombs.

And Nostradamus still speaks:

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
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June 16th, 2006

Government Paid Health Care for All Will Suck!!!

Seriously… Ain’t no way it’d be good.

Take me for instance. On March 19th, I go golfing with my buddy Josh. Around the 4th hole I reach back into the bag and grab my Tour Edge, 460cc driver, tee the ball up high and let the ball rip 300 plus yards down the center of the fairway. My friend about spills his Heineken and yells “Holy Shit, FORE!!!” at the people on the green 320 yards away. Almost a green in one because I was on the fringe, about 50 feet from the hole for Eagle.

But back on the tee box, I was on the ground. See… I had a shock down my arms and left leg I had never felt before. I was hurt. And since March 19th, it has been the same. I can’t squeeze the guitar strings for too long and I should not be cramped into the chair typing this. Robaxin is my new friend!!
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June 13th, 2006

George Bush Covers U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday

As seen on


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June 11th, 2006

Simple Post That’ll Spark Debate…

I gotta quick one. I was just picking through visitors to see where they come from on my blog and I noticed someone came through the site the “Pro Victory” Button on my side bar comes from.

And I just thought of something…

Why doesn’t Bring It On have one of those on the side bar?
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June 3rd, 2006

This Makes Me Want to be a Good Parent

As seen on

There are few things that are really funny here:

The defiance of the kid with his “Go do what you have to” comment.
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June 2nd, 2006

California 2004 Reported Income:  Hmm…  Something Smells Fishy Here 4Truth

Click on this file to see what I am talking about.

The attached file was recently uploaded to the California Franchise Tax Board. It is the income results for tax year 2004. Remember 2004 where we had an election that had the whole red blue county thing.

Let me bring up an image:
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June 2nd, 2006

Criminal Act or Act of War?

If you cannot stand what I write, stop reading now. You’ll hate where I am going with this.

For those of you that are a bit curious as to what I have to say keep reading.

My subject today is 9/11.
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May 27th, 2006

Seriously, Can We Please Do Something In Myanmar?

Read Article.

So how long will they detain this woman? Suu Kyi has spent 10 of the last 17 years in house arrest because she offers an opposing “Pro-Democracy” ideology to lead the country. It’s disheartening to read about this lady. Seems to me that she is a living martyr.

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May 26th, 2006

Liberalism’s Soft Heart Continues to Infect America

Been a little while since I wrote a political piece here on my blog. I heard something on the 11 O’clock news last night that kind of gets me riled up a bit.

The subject? Connecticut high school football’s new rule.

If high school team wins a game by more than 50 points, the coach will be suspended for one game. You can read about the rule here.
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May 20th, 2006

Pet Post Saturday, Steve’s cats

Jack and Flea. Flea is the big cat, Jack is the yellow one.

Our Cat Daisy….

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May 18th, 2006

Six More Miles to the Graveyard…

This story is personal and has nothing to do with politics.

As some of you may know, I have been having problems with pains in my hands and left arm. Sometimes it gets into my left leg. The doctors all think it is a pinched nerve in my neck and lower back. I am up for an MRI next weekend. So we’ll soon figure it out.

But then…
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May 16th, 2006

More of Steve’s Misguided Outrage…

I was shopping online this evening. My wife and I are adding to the list of baby stuff we need for the showers. We are fortunate in that the family is doing one for her and our friends are doing one for us in a combined event. (It’ll be nice, I have two Silver Oaks for that party)

But where is my outrage tonight? The outrage is the cost of cheap molded plastic that will eventually be tossed when your kid is bigger. I am talking about car seats.

A lot of laws are made to protect people from themselves or protect their kids…
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May 13th, 2006

Steve Seeks Redemption For Once

That’s it I am done with this site…

Who am I kidding? You know I can’t leave. But I feel like it somedays… It’s when you shut the lap top and push back from the desk.

This blog is no doubt, left leaning and I should expect it. We few conservatives, tos, John Rogers, Chosen One and GTL (sike!) should expect it. (I know I am forgetting someone but…)
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April 28th, 2006

May Day Protests:  Why California’s Legislature Sucks

Last night I talked to my Dad. He’s been running a car wash for 39 years. 39 years? Wow! One job… and still at 61 he loves it. He just don’t come out and say it. We looked over his cast of employees that work for him. 90% of them are from Mexico. They got here anyway they could. Some came legally, some got here illegally by either swimming, running, jumping and then running some more. Others were smuggled. Some came over to pick fields for the harvest and never went back. But, they all have their legal documents to be here. A lot of them paid the price to be free and earn a living.

So I asked my Dad what he was going to do Monday if they all walked off for protest. His answer: “Money talks”. Pretty much he’s seen everything when it comes to this crowd. They are here first for the money. They want all the hours they can get and then volunteer for overtime. They recycle cans they throw out of cars. Others work night jobs. There’s no shame, they just bust their ass. Sound like hard working Americans to me, don’t they to you? It gets deeper…

I joked with my Dad, and asked if he was going to “protest” on Monday. He laughed and asked why. I reminded him that he too was an immigrant. Came here from Germany back in the 1950’s. His Dad did the same thing his employees do now. He worked 2 or 3 jobs and conserved. My grandfather worked at a hard candy factory and painted houses.
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April 26th, 2006

Highlights from President Bush

You all probably have seen this:

As seen on

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April 26th, 2006

Happy Tax Independence Day!!

April 26th in the state of California is Tax Independence. This year it is celebrated 3 days later than it was in 2005. So what the hell am I talking about?

The average Californian spends 32.7% of their income on taxes. This is every tax, from property, to sales tax, state, local and federal tax. When I say average, I mean everyone, rich or poor. Today is the day the average guy is done paying his taxes. 32.7% of the year is today. And it’s coming later and later every year.

Of course the liberals in this country state don’t think so. The rich make too much money. The poor pays too much in tax and does not get enough entitlements. Yet year after year, this day comes later and later. It’s almost two weeks passed April 15th now! Freaking amazing.
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