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Nothing New Coming From The Big Dick

I popped over to the Veep’s (The Big Dick Cheney) web location to see if he had anything “public” to say about Scooter being hand delivered a “get out of jail free” card by the W. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
I did, however, find this short sentence provided in the opening paragraph on […]

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Good News For W’s Iraq Democracy Experiment?

I know folks are mainly down on the war in Iraq, and the Global War on Terror, but here’s a bit of good news.
The story is replete with uplifting statistics and jobs creation evidence.

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Who Need Activist Judges When You Have A President In Your Pocket?

Of course, The W was trying to avoid his Libby decision today by pasting purple hearts on wounded GIs while attempting to soothe his damaged conscience. Even so, the decision by W to commute Libby’s sentence brings up several questions, not the least of which is who has whom over a barrel.
Q Mr. […]

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W Delivers A “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” To Scooter

Well, when the “decider” decides, he really makes tough decisions look easy doesn’t he? It’s not a full pardon, but heck, any buddy of the W doesn’t need to spend time in jail. Shoot no. I sure wish I had friends in such places so I could obtain my “get out […]

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“Strategic Culmination” And More Proof The President Doesn’t Have A Clue About The Real World

The other day, Mr. Bush was busy spending hard earned Taxpayer Dollars on yet another PR junket, this time to the Naval War College in Rhode Island. Of course, the President was busy gallivanting about in Marine One
On the way toward the War College, the President will have an aerial tour of Tall […]

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Here’s a Job For Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney When The Wrap Up Their Current Gigs

I wonder what high paying gig Misters Bush and Cheney will obtain once they close out their disastrous tenures at the head of our government.
One of the list serves I’m on sent this job advert that I thought they might go for as it works to improve one of the countries they helped […]

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Here’s a Job For Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney When The Wrap Up Their Current Gigs

One of the list serves I’m on sent this job advert. Pay attention to the highlighted areas:
2) Position Announcement - University of Massachusett s
POSITION: Institutiona l Leadership & Administrati on Manager
LOCATION: Afghanistan
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Consortium composed of Academy for Educational
Development, University of Massachusett s, and Indiana University
The Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP) […]

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Mr. President, You’ve Been “Lugar-ed.”

You know the situation in Iraq is beyond repair when GOP faithful deliver speeches to something like two people in the Senate chambers and still get national play in the media. In the odd event that you have not heard about this speech from Senator Lugar from Indiana, you can read the text […]

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Seperate And Unequal

If you ask me, it seems like the Big Dick Cheney must have something really nasty to hide. Why else would he take such great pains to shield us from his work?
I thought that separate and unequal was the opposite of Justice, and the laws that drive her. When a group of […]

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Why Withdrawl May Not Be A Defeat

Even the introductory paragraphs of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War are educational for those who would wish to ignite such conflagratio ns as the Iraq Democracy Experiment. I found this interesting quote regarding the much heralded “troop surge:”
I think they were tipped off by us talking about the surge, the fact that […]

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