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An Epitaph For Karl Rove

Epitaphs are typically reserved for the dead…but after reading the many views on the passing of Karl Rove…from his role in the George Bush White House…one might conclude that the “Wicked Witch” has had the misfortune of being under a falling house…one of his own mean spirited making. All that remains is to find the […]

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Kos: Defining The Center With A Circular Argument?

It is human nature to want to be right…and unfortunatel y, it is also human nature to make such assertions even in the absence of the necessary evidence. While I understand the instinct, I’m not sure it serves to advance meaningful dialogue or forge important alliances. In fact, it reminds me of the very divisive […]

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Thoughts On Logo’s Democratic Candidate Forum

After watching the Democratic presidential candidate forum on Logo, I’ve given some further thought to a few issues that I’ve pondered for some time and I decided now was the appropriate time to share those thoughts.
Generally speaking, the forum sought to gauge the degree to which each of the candidates supported marriage for same-sex couples…not […]

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Political Strategy: The Pakistan/Musharraf Calculation

Keep a close eye on Pakistan…bot h in terms of Musharraf’s ability to hold power and also with regard to how the Democratic candidates frame their positions on handling the sensitive relationship . Bear with me while I elaborate.
Reuters is reporting that the embattled President is preparing to issue an emergency declaration that may well […]

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Petraeus: 190,000 Lost Weapons A Clerical Error

In a follow up to Monday’s report which stated that the United States could not account for 190,000 weapons provided to Iraqi security forces, General David Petraeus told Alan Colmes of Fox News Radio that the loss resulted from inadequate accounting practices.
As I read the General’s contention, it seems that the U.S. military is […]

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Does Basra Tell Us What To Expect In Iraq?

Those looking to understand the impact of the latest troop surge in Iraq might want to review the situation in Basra, the southern city previously occupied by British forces and frequently referred to as a model for the progress sought throughout the country. Unfortunatel y, in the aftermath of the drawdown of troops, Basra has […]

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No Water Or Power: Winning Hearts & Minds In Iraq?

Nothing says we’re here to help you better than turning off the power and shutting down the flow of water when it’s 122 degrees outside. Yes, the United States is busy winning the hearts and minds of the people in Iraq one parched throat in the dark scorching heat at a time. I guess the […]

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Keeping A Watchful Eye On The Economy

Despite assurances from the Bush administrati on, the factors for instability in the economy continue to provide evidence that a recession…or at the minimum…a significant slowdown in Gross Domestic Product is just around the corner.
The following three excerpts provide a quick review of the numerous issues that will undoubtedly exert influence on the degree […]

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Thoughts On The Loss Of Life In Minnesota

Tragedy elicits many responses…of ten automatic reactions that we rarely seek to understand…a nd that is as it should be given the shocking nature of the assault upon our psyche and the overwhelming grief that will certainly follow.
As I watched the unfolding of the bridge collapse in Minnesota and the devastation that will undoubtedly accompany […]

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Rudi’s Health Plan Comes With A Tax Break & A Tiara

GOP presidential candidate Rudi Giuliani offered his notion of a national health care plan…one that sounds fit for a king or a queen…but not the average citizen.
Then again, if the recent Vanity Fair article on the latest Mrs. Giuliani is accurate, its the kind of plan one might expect from a man whose wife wore […]

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