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September 16th, 2006

We Are The Prayer

Seems Saint George has been learning how to further stroke and stoke the evangelical fires of the Kingdom Coming (cue the choir) lately, what with all this “Third Awakening” language. He says that more and more people tell him they’re praying for him, instead of telling him how great he’s doing in Iraq.

If I were him I’d be a little concerned about that. But I digress.

This prayer stuff.
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July 22nd, 2006

A Defense Emerges

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We know how violent Wingnuttia is: unhinged, radical, immoral, and instantly ready to threaten death for anyone who disagrees with them, or says anything about Shrub they don’t like.

We know how hard it must be to fight this long war on terrorism from behind their computer screens, conducting almost continuous missions behind the lines, exhausting themselves, squeezing out that last poorly-spelled rhetorical flourish certain to make liberals cry, and, you know, make all the insurgents give up and open a Starbucks.

These committed soldiers of George Bush’s stateside forces have been in the field too long, sent back into battle too many times, with too little intellectual armor, and the last resort of a Bush patriot; killing everyone they see as the enemy, might become reality all too soon.

Paradoxically, the latest barrage of war porn in Lebanon, gleefully passed around to ever-tightening tiny tighty whities, may keep the killing mind active from a distance, but… One of them, or one of their readers who lurk strokingly in their comment threads, people who have felt marginalized too long, felt unappreciated, and of course, may be too illiterate to understand the threads except the killing part, may snap.

They may decide that it’s okay to extract the ultimate penalty for disobedience to Wingnuttia’s goals: killing a liberal, or a reporter, or a judge, or anyone with the wrong bumper sticker.

But now they can rejoice!

A defense has emerged which, when fully read and explained to them by people who can actually read, will let them go out and kill liberals and reporters and judges and anyone they don’t like with pure abandon.

Their heroes, the murdering rapists who attacked and killed Iraqi teenager Abeer Qasim Hamza al Janabi, then set her aflame and slaughtered the rest of her family, including her five year-old sister, have created the perfect defense for our weary Fighting 101st Keyboarders:

Combat Stress Made Them Do It

Attorneys for Army soldiers accused of raping an Iraqi teenager and killing her and her family in March are planning to argue that the men were under extreme emotional distress because of the horrors of their combat assignment and will probably challenge the alleged confessions some of the soldiers gave to investigators in Iraq.

So now when the headlines read… “Liberal Judge Beaten To Death”, all of Wingnuttia can utter a sigh of relief, because they’ll have a way to defend their own, their precious warriors, their shock and awesome supporters, while of course tut-tutting their actions, but high-fiving each other in anynomous comments.

As their cause fades into meaninglessness, and their ranks thin with what they see as defectors crossing over to “the other side”, there will be no shortage of targets for the rage of the impotent infantry, and, like all of Shrub’s wars, innocent civilians will die for being in the wrong place at the wrong time… America.

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June 11th, 2006

Jesus Christ: Liberal Democrat

What, you think he’d be a Republican if he returned?


I know the “Left Behind” folks think Jesus will be kicking liberal ass and smiting pagans left and right, but I disagree. Think about it. The Son Of God would definately be a Liberal Democrat. Jesus would totally be for pulling out of Iraq, and his name recognition alone would get him the nomination. His support for new social programs and his rejection of the hypocritical “faith-based” efforts would make him a strong Democratic candidate. Just think what “pressing the flesh” might mean at a real Jesus rally? How could the Republicans compete with real miracles?
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April 27th, 2006

Taking The Psych Meds, Killing The Triggers

There have been two good recent Kos diaries on psych meds and the ethical issues surrounding their use and promotion, so I decided to weigh in from the “consumer” side of the equation.

I didn’t pick the “psychotic” part of The Psychotic Patriot out of thin air; it was a sideways reference to a series of experiences which defined my life. My bipolar disorder is not cured, but I’m in the best emotional and situational territory of my life.

Allegedly, there are chemicals in my brain that are imbalanced, and these psych meds work to restore the balance.
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April 19th, 2006

A Killing Field Of Words

I’m going to write this post to my liberal friends, and for the first time in 329 posts I’m going to type the word I’ve seen many of you use to describe what Shrub is doing in Iraq, and what he is certainly intending to do to Iran. I edited to graphic to what you see instead of “No Iran War.”

Iraq is not now, and has never been a war. Saddam had no connection to 9/11, or Al CIAda. Bush invaded the country, after continuing the campaign to decimate the infrastructure, and in the ensuing occupation, sealed the country’s doom after failing to guard anything but the Oil Ministry, allowing the wholesale theft or removal of a culture and its treasures, along with tons of high explosives. What is happening there now is certainly a civil war, yet Bush and his minions can’t call it what it is. We can certainly do what he refuses to do. And when Bush orders a disgusting sneak attack with nuclear weapons on Iran, it will not be a war, either.

Neither action is war. By using the word war, liberals are subconsciously making Bush’s case for him. Every time a liberal writes the words “Iraq war” or “Iran War”, you make him a “War Preznit.” Calling him what he is by what he does would be “Invasion and Bloody Occupation” Preznit. Sometime soon, he will become an “Unprovoked Nuclear Attack” Preznit.
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April 14th, 2006

This Just In - Breaking

FOX News now reporting on interviews with government officials describing their intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program as “wildly inaccurate.”

The officials, who didn’t want to be named due to their sensitve work, said the claim that Iran could have a bomb in 16 days was “sadly underestimated.”

Actually, according to these officials:

“We have uncovered evidence - through intervews with Japanese defectors to Iran and scientific evaluations of the blast debris in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - that Iran actually built and delivered the bombs to those fateful targets. Our planes were led off course and landed remotely, and the pilots were brainwashed into thinking they dropped the bombs, adding the film taken from the Iranian planes to the American film
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April 9th, 2006

Nuking Iran = The Only Card Left

Like some others, I started blogging about Bush nuking Iran months ago. I knew he would, because I knew he was up to his eyeballs in outing Valerie Plame, and the key player who was gonna save them all ran away instead.

John Ashcroft.

Oh yeah. Rove got him the gig, and he was expected to cover up, obfuscate, obliterate, and otherwise suppress any concept of responsibility in outing Plame. Oops. So we got Fitzgerald instead. Are you really suprised that Bush ordered this smear? Please.
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April 1st, 2006

My American Immigrant Summers

According to FarmWorkers.org, in 1965, America imported 177,000 temporary Mexican workers known as “braceros” to help bring in the crops. These were terrible jobs under terrible conditions, politically invisible at the time, and paid almost nothing, because most states passed laws to avoid paying even the incredibly low farm wages at the time, and passed more laws to relieve them of the legal consequences of hiring illegal workers.

Then the Hart-Celler Immigration Bill got passed and in 1966, America imported 150,000 fewer braceros. So I became one. I unwittingly became part of the reason millions of illegal immigrants crossed the borders and came in by boats and trains and trucks over the next forty years. I was doing a job nobody could do, because almost all the people who could do it were still in Mexico. Furthermore it was a job few Americans even knew existed.

My high school, along with my father, a football coach at another high school, got a request from some government agency for help with the canteloupe crop in Yuma, Arizona. We’re talking white bread here, folks. Simple middle-class white kids who, because they played football, were pitched this amazing workout routine, and a way to make some great money during the summer! Wow!
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March 28th, 2006

White House Piss Tests Entire County

Damn, George Deutsch must have been installed as a White House Drug Defender or something, because they’re doing a urinalysis on an entire set of cities in and around Fairfax County, Virginia by examining the wastewater for “urinary byproducts of cocaine.”

Oh, yeah, I shit you not. Via


“Apparently, they’re able to ascertain how many people may be using illicit drugs, in this case cocaine, with such studies,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerry Connolly tells WTOP.[…]”It does not indicate that we have an unusual drug problem in Fairfax County,” Connolly says. “I’ll be interested, obviously, in the results. It’s kind of an unusual study and an unusual request. Obviously, we’re prepared to cooperate with any endeavor to try to make sure the use of illicit drugs is discouraged in our community.”
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March 25th, 2006

Moronic Media

This “Media” thing is becoming a wonderful exercise in dark humor. For decades, the TV producers trained Americans to expect violence on the news, teasing all day long, chumming the mental and emotional waters
with deliciously dangerous hints of bloody violence or perversion or violent bloody perversion, whatever.

Then the promised “Film At Eleven” is run, and motherfucker it DELIVERS, scaring -and titilating - the viewers, while at the same time innoculating them from feeling anything about it, because, you know, it’s just TV.

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February 12th, 2006

Bush Drags Soldiers Into Politics (Again)

(I want to thank WindSpike for pointing me to the Fallujah video, which is linked in this post, and crossposted at The Psychotic Patriot.)

Josh Marshall and Robert Schlesinger reveal the latest Rovian plan to have active duty soldiers speak at partisan political events. Both articles mention the well-defined regulations against using active duty troops for partisan gain.

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February 10th, 2006

A Baghdad Curiosity

(Cross-posted at The Psychotic Patriot)

I recommend you all read Baghdad Burningregularly, a blog written directly from that horribly disfigured city.

I was reading the latest post when I ran across this passage, and it gave me a little chill:

“We were gathered in the living room and my aunt and her husband, Ammoo S. [Ammoo = uncle] were asleep. T., J. and I were speaking softly and looking for songs on the radio, having sworn not to sleep before the cake was all gone. T. was playing idly with her mobile phone, trying to send a message to a friend. “Hey- there’s no coverage here… is it just my phone?” She asked. J. and I both took out our phones and checked, “Mine isn’t working either…” J. answered, shaking her head. They both turned to me and I told them that I couldn’t get a signal either. J. suddenly looked alert and made a sort of “Uh-oh” sound as she remembered something. “R.- will you check the telephone next to you?” I picked up the ordinary telephone next to me and held my breath, waiting for a dial tone. Nothing.”
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January 23rd, 2006

I’ll have the Pesticide Latte’, Venti

It’s interesting: when the issue is when to nuke Iran or how best to wiretap Americans, or how Jack Abramoff was connected to Mohammed Atta, it’s hard to keep up with the more complex, difficult issues. You know, like paying people to drink pesticides, or spread them around the house like some malevolent air freshener? How about debating the (cough) merits of testing pesticides on children?

From TruthOut:

Washington, DC - Today, Senator Barbara Boxer, Rep. Henry A. Waxman, and Rep. Hilda L. Solis criticized a Bush Administration plan to promote pesticide experimentation upon humans. The plan, contained in a final draft rule, was leaked to the legislators by a concerned Administration official who requested that the original copy of the plan not be duplicated in its entirety and widely distributed out of concern for anonymity. According to the EPA’s communications plan, the Administration will officially announce the pesticide experimentation plan later this week as a final regulation.

In August 2005, Congress enacted a moratorium upon EPA using human pesticide experiments until strict ethical standards were established. Senator Boxer championed the moratorium in the US Senate. Representative Solis pushed the moratorium through the US House of Representatives.

“The Administration plan is inconsistent with the law passed by Congress with bipartisan support. The loopholes which allow continued testing on pregnant women, infants and children are contrary to law and widely accepted ethical guidelines, including the Nuremberg code. The fact that EPA allows pesticide testing of any kind on the most vulnerable, including abused and neglected children, is simply astonishing,” said Senator Boxer.

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January 22nd, 2006

Preparing The Wrong Kids For Disaster

CNN has a story out about the DHS “Ready Kids” program, a kitschy, $100 million plan to terrify children, and not coincidentally, prepare them to vote Republican their entire lives.

Sure, I had Civil Defense drills as a kid, I just didn’t have TV running September 11th images 24/7. Bush reminds their parents in every breath about 9/11, and this has gone on for over four years. Now he can scare the shit out of America’s children even more, and make sure they know who’s gonna protect them. Republicans. Their little minds will always associate “Ready Kids” with the big strong Republican people in the DHS who can save them from the hairy hippie liberals - wait - the big bad terrorists.

But I think they’re aiming this program at the wrong market. There’s a huge audience already in dire need of a “roll-out” of this preparedness program. A group of kids who live in fear of terror attacks every day and night, who never have a minute’s peace, living with the knowledge that they may be destroyed by machine guns and bombs and rockets and white phosphorus at any moment.
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