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When Is The Best Time To Quit The Whitehouse?

You know, I’ve heard this phrase numerous times today:

Karl has said that there was never going to be a good time to leave the White House, but that this was the right time for he and his family.
Well, if you’ve signed on for a particular stint and were one to honor your commitments, […]

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Damage Done: A Day Late And A Dollar Short, Rove Calls It Quits (And Is No Doubt, Simultaneously Lying To The American People)

By show of hands, how many of you out there are getting tired of politicians tossing in the towel suggesting that they really just desperately want to “spend time with their family?” Just once, I would appreciate some one actually telling us the real reason they are jumping the sinking ship that is the […]

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Spineless Democrats?

Here’s another fun Mark Fiore video: enjoy.
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Who’s Really Running Our Country?

This quote falls in to the “I’m-not-sur prised-but-I stillfind- it-disturbin g” category.
“It was relatively easy for me to read the sitting president’ s body language after he had talked to his mother or father,” Mr. Card said. “Sometimes he’d ask me a probing question. And I’d think, Hmm, I don’t think that question came from […]

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Treating Terrorists As They Should Be Treated

Found an interesting assortment of articles today. Thought I’d toss them out there for y’all to ruminate on.
The first was suggesting that elevating the status of terrorist from criminals (that they are) to unlawful combatants (which the W, Rove and Co suggests they are), to soldiers (which some people think they are) is really […]

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The Disturbing Thing About The Bush Administration

A friend of mine pointed me to a forthcoming article in the New Yorker Magazine that all in the blogisphere might like to view. In it, we find out the fundamental flaw that has led the W, Rove and Co to the painful situation our country is now married to in Iraq. It’s […]

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“Islamification” or Simply Serving The Customer

This may be old news, but I just had a friend point me to an article about the University of Michigan at Dearborn installing foot washing stations to accommodate the religious desires of nearly 10% of it’s student population.
DEARBORN, Mich. — When pools of water began accumulating on the floor in some restrooms […]

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What Else Is A President Supposed To Say?

I never quite figured out why members of the MSM continue to ask the President questions that don’t have any other response than what you would expect. For example, today, a reporter lucky enough to have an audience at Camp David with the President asks:
Q Mr. President, if you had actionable intelligence about the […]

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Makem Go Braugh

Another news item that I didn’t pick up from the MSM…Tommy Makem passed away 1 Aug. I’ll raise a glass for him on Sunday night and sing a song at my local pub in his memory. I encourage you to do the same.

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Is W’s War Still Worth It?

Grab the Kleenex box if you dare read this article. Dry eyes won’t remain so. Here’s a slice:
It took less than a week for his body to reach home. Joane wanted to see her husband one last time. He had taken the worst of the blast, and a funeral director decided on a […]

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