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About Bring it On!

What Is “Bring It On” all about?

by Dr. Forbush

I was listening to an interview on Fresh Air today. Terry Gross interviewed Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, the team behind the documentary “Inside Deep Throat.” This documentary explores the phenomena of the 1972 porn film “Deep Throat.” This film brought porn to the mainstream and was instrumental in setting up the rating system that we have today. The people who were outraged by this porn film coming to the main street theaters were motivated to bring a court case to the Supreme Court, which ended up defining obscenity by community standards. Because of this ruling Hollywood was anxious to see these types of films stopped for fear of not being able to compete. However, Hollywood embarked on a different trajectory of pornographic violence instead. Gratuitous violence in films swelled and the strongman became king in Hollywood. It’s kind of weird how a porn film influenced Hollywood’s decision to concentrate on violent films.

Americans have become desensitized to violence in general because of these films, and Americans became familiar and comfortable with the idea of violence as a means to an end.

Now fast-forward to the Iraq War. George W Bush not only wants to play the strongman, but his supporters primed by the Violent Hollywood American Culture demand that he play the role of the strongman. The role is defined by the culture and George W Bush can’t be seen to be the “wimp,” like his father the diplomat. So, poised with the news of Iraqi insurgents not happy with the American Occupation he tells the world, “Bring It On.”

Viewed from Europe and most of the rest of the world, George W Bush is seen as an American Cowboy. There are no rules, and there is only one way – his way. If his way is the “right” way and the majority of Americans agree with him then he is off Scot free to pursue whatever twisted ideas that he has. Think of the evil sheriff talking over the Western town. At first life seems to go on just fine. But rustlers and gamblers seem to find themselves comfortable and at home in town.

Not everyone in America is comfortable with this sheriff. Some of us don’t believe that George W Bush and his gang is working for the common good. In fact, using the metaphor of the Wild West, some of us believe that George W Bush is actually the outlaw trying to run and ruin the town. The people of the community are willing to put up with a little personal indiscretion  , but when a varmint crosses the line the community is willing to rise up and speak out. And sometimes speaking out isn’t enough. And that’s when we say, “Bring It On.”

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