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Senate Committee: Big Oil Needs To Ante Up

Could Washington actually be serious about reducing our dependence on foreign oil? In a move that seems to signal as much, the Senate Finance Committee moved forward with a bill that would impose 29 billion dollars in new taxes on the U.S. oil industry. The bill is designed to funnel money into alternative energy exploration […]

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GWB’s AIDS Funding: Good News, Bad News

The recent announcement that President Bush would seek to increase his Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to 30 billion dollars…doub ling the prior 15 billion dollar commitment…i s by and large a very positive development in the battle to combat the disease. The additional money should provide much needed medication for over a million infected […]

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And The Rich Shall Inherit America

President Bush presented his 2008 budget recently, and the numbers don’t lie- to pay for his massive tax cuts for the wealthy and his ongoing war on whomever he considers a terrorist this week, Bush proposed cuts to programs that actually help the poor, needy, disabled and America’s veterans. How’s that for compassionat e conservatism […]

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Bush Calls For Balanced Budget OR Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

In a move worthy of Professor Marvel (aka The Wizard of Oz), President Bush is now calling for the new Democratic led Congress to join him in balancing the budget within five years. From a man who insists on ‘paying’ for his wars with money outside the normal budgeting process, who has jacked up the […]

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Crafting A National Pension Plan

(This is the second in a four part series on Social Security reform originally written in May of 2005. Part one was recently republished on Bring It On! here.)
Opponents of a national retirement program, commonly referred to simply as “Socia l Security,&rd quo; tend to take the view that each person is responsible for their […]

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Defining Social Security

(Originally posted on Common Sense in May 2005, this is the first of a four part series on Social Security. Although the president is no longer kicking the SS can around, the topic of our Social Security program still presents a crucial problem for our nation’s finances in the coming future. And while […]

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Bush Wants to Yank Bomb Prevention Funding

While the British terror suspects were hatching their plot, Dubya continued his winning ways by trying to divert $6 million planned for developing new homeland explosives detection technology.
Atta boy George. Way to fight those “terrists”.
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Economy Is Great- If You’re an Oil Company or Defense Contractor

Boy, this Bush economy is really spreading the wealth around, at least for Big Oil and the Military-Ind ustrial complex.
Third quarter reports show ExxonMobile reaping record profit levels, raking in over $10 Billion in profit in the third quarter alone. Since the costs of extracting, refining, and delivering crude oil has not changed much, this […]

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The Economy is Strong

Strong for who?!
George W Bush has been making statements about the strength of the economy again. This time they used the old corporate trick of predicting a poor quarter and then bragging about how well the economy has improved based on their over inflated prediction. What they don’t say is that they had over inflated […]

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Sergeant, Did You Pay The Power Bill?

Seems like fighting the War Against the Evildoers and keeping the lights on at our Army posts at the same time is just too much to ask for. Oh well, just another sacrifice that our soldiers and their families will have to make while the rest of us keep shopping to defy the terrorists.

“A diversion […]

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