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You Are the Crapweasel Our Fathers Warned Us About

Newsflash there Big Dick…last time I checked, this country was still a democracy.
The founders well knew of the dangers of unchecked power in the hands of insane asshat with pretentions of Napoleonism. They knew that if a crapweasel with the morals of a ferret and the ego of Saddam was left unchecked, severe damage […]

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Cheney Asserts Independence From Executive Branch- Is The Vice-President Now An Official ‘Rogue’ Element In Our Government?

Vice-Preside nt Dick Cheney has obviously spent too much time in “undisclosed ” locations because since 2003 he has directed his office to quit complying with Executive Order 12958 that requires the National Archives to inspect federal agencies and White House offices to ensure that they are complying with the security procedures regarding classified information.
In […]

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George W. Bush- Big F@#king Hypocrite And An Idiot

Bush is set to once again veto a stem cell research funding bill that has passed both houses of Congress and is supported by at least 2/3 of the country. It seems that nothing will sway the Decider/Comm ander Guy once his rather narrow mind has been made up.

“In his veto threat, the president accused […]

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Broken Hearts of Nine Firefighter Families

My heart felt prayers are with the nine families of the Firefighters lost in the fire in South Carolina. Out across the land many of American families will sit down to dinner tonight and Dad will be there. That will not be the case for nine families in South Carolina. When you sit down to […]

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As We See It: Pardon Me Edition

I Beg Your Pardon, I never Promised You a White House Rose Garden

Of Course Contractor Fraud in Iraq is Limited, Nudge…Nudge… Wink…Wink

Bloomberg Can’t Stand The Smell, Bolts Republican Party

Mission Accomplished  : Iraq Sinking Fast

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Tech Tags: humor politics libby hallibrurton bloomberg iraq […]

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The Beginning of the End For Both Political Parties?

Sure, it’s another round of poll results, but two recent polls show that Americans, in large numbers, don’t support President Bush, the Congress, or either major political party to put this country back on “the right track,” regardless of what that track may be.
The main thrust of discontent seems to be Iraq. Okay, no big […]

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Bush Proves Again How Much He Hates “Regular Folks”

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth (that you can later conveniently turn into your college coke spoon) means you don’t really know what it’s like for the rest of us-you know, the people who actually have to work for a living. Our (cough-cough  ) esteemed president is of the silver spoon variety, […]

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Playing Politics

Politicians use standard phrases to protect themselves while throwing mud at someone else. For example, “bipartisans hip” means one or two people from one side of the aisle joined the other side in defiance of their party’s jackboot. Or “compromise”  , meaning: “This bill is too complex and rife with unrelated line items for anyone […]

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Presidential Spokeshole Snow Accuses MSM Of “Having Their Own Facts” While Spinning Bush’s Lame Duck Status

Making the rounds yesterday on the network news circuit, White House Spokeshole Tony Snow asserted that Bush is not really a lame duck president, but rather a leader who is setting agendas and achieving successes, both at home and abroad. Um, Tony? What are you smoking?
First, from ABC’s Good Morning America:

MS. ROBERTS: Tony, we just […]

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Lost Presidency

America has crossed a path of no return and the leader we have supposedly elected is if not out of control but out of his mind. There is a serious crisis with the Presidency of these United States of America and it begins with the President. Surrounding oneself with one sided opinions can […]

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