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Senate Committee: Big Oil Needs To Ante Up

Could Washington actually be serious about reducing our dependence on foreign oil? In a move that seems to signal as much, the Senate Finance Committee moved forward with a bill that would impose 29 billion dollars in new taxes on the U.S. oil industry. The bill is designed to funnel money into alternative energy exploration […]

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Reduce Global Warming-Become A Vegetarian

PETA has a solution to help curb greenhouse gases-promot e vegetarianis m by instituting tax breaks for people who forego eating meat.

In a letter sent Wednesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), PETA President Ingrid Newkirk stated, “[V]eg etarians are responsible for far fewer greenhouse-g as emissions and […]

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The End of Big Oil and the Middle East Strangle

I’ve heard it said that the very last stage coach company in the world built the best damn coach around but the end of the horse and stage coach was inevitable with the invention of the combustion engine. Isn’t it ironic that the hay that once fed horses to pull that same stage coach […]

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Perfect Storm: A Rising Tide But The Boats Won’t Float

I’ve always been fascinated with society, psychology, and the human condition&he llip;especia lly from the perspective of what the future may hold. Don’t misinterpret that to mean that I think I can predict the future; rather I try to predict how the state of thought&hell ip;what people believe, what they are saying, and how they […]

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The Dark Ages: What’s Old Is New Again?

Less than ten years ago, the world awaited the promise of the millenium with hope and optimism. Less than ten years into the new millenium, one might argue that hope and optimism have been forced to yield to the emerging influence of dogma, intolerance and intransigenc e.
Yesterday’s news provides an important example. Many of those […]

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Electricity Generated by Natural Gas, Coal, or Wind? Hmmm?

Given the choice when presented the need for another power generating plant and the fact that global warming is a growing reality then one would tend to think that Green Energy is the way to go. In Delaware they are debating and discussing this issue and just as Wind Power offshore is a heated […]

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Diviserfied Energy Is The Answer

I find it ironic that we have reached a point where two major problems are coming to the fore at a singular point in time. Of course, I am talking about energy and environmenta l change. It is no coincidence that these two serious challenges are impossibly intertwined, because it is the very sources […]

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Man vs. Earth (A Fight to the Finish?)

(Author’s Note: This article was originally posted by me in March 2005 here. It was subsequently posted here at Bring It On! in August of 2006. Both times it was posted it enjoyed some good conversation in the comments section. Since today is Earth Day, and because of the increase in general discussion about the […]

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Buried In Junk Mail

I get a lot of junk mail. Almost 140 pieces last month alone. I thought spam was supposed to get rid of junk mail. Instead, I also get about 350 pieces of e-mail spam a month in addition to the junk mail I get in my physical box. Most of the spam gets caught in […]

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Social and Economic Breakdown- Or Why Conservatives Should Want To Fight Global Warming

First, let me say that the title to this post is imperfect, but it’s the best I could do. Clearly, not all ‘conservativ es’ decry the fact that the Earth’s climate is changing, or that it is because of human activity that those changes are occurring. Further, ‘global warming’ is somewhat imprecise, as the climate […]

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