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You Are the Crapweasel Our Fathers Warned Us About

Newsflash there Big Dick…last time I checked, this country was still a democracy.
The founders well knew of the dangers of unchecked power in the hands of insane asshat with pretentions of Napoleonism. They knew that if a crapweasel with the morals of a ferret and the ego of Saddam was left unchecked, severe damage […]

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Cheney Asserts Independence From Executive Branch- Is The Vice-President Now An Official ‘Rogue’ Element In Our Government?

Vice-Preside nt Dick Cheney has obviously spent too much time in “undisclosed ” locations because since 2003 he has directed his office to quit complying with Executive Order 12958 that requires the National Archives to inspect federal agencies and White House offices to ensure that they are complying with the security procedures regarding classified information.
In […]

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How Impeachment Alters the Universe

Salon columnist Gary Kamiya recently weighed in on impeachment for Uncle George. His verdict? Ain’t gonna happen because the American people don’t wanna. “There’s a deeper reason why the popular impeachment movement has never taken off – and it has to do not with Bush, but with the American people. Bush’s warmongering spoke to something […]

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Mafia Politics- Or Why I’m Almost Missing John Ashcroft

John Ashcroft, for all his evangelical world view mentality, is beginning to look like some kind of Hall of Justice Superhero when compared with Alberto Gonzales. And that’s saying a lot about a man who needed to cover up a statue to obscure her nude breasts, a statue which would have gone mostly unnoticed had […]

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George W: When Did Justice Become Just Me?

The United States Attorney scandal continues to offer insight into the machinations of unbridled partisan politics and the flaws of the human psyche. It now appears that efforts to remove those who were viewed to have failed to be proactive enough in their partisanship were being forced from office prior to the 2006 midterm election. […]

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The Dreaded Immigration Issue

In years gone by the nation that we call home had no immigration policy and it worked. Right there in the harbor of New York City was the grand lady asking for and welcoming the many that needed a new start in a land that could boast of endless possibilitie s if you […]

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What’s It Like to Be a Dick?

Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like to be Dick Cheney. Is he really that sullen and sour in his personal life? Does he see plots around the corner from his living room as readily as he sees them in the Washington press corps? I’ve known more than my fair share of difficult and persnickety people, […]

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The Elvis Conspiracy

I’m not generally much of a conspiracy theorist. I don’t believe Elvis is in Wisconsin working at McDonald’s, or the moon landings were staged in a NASA studio, or that somehow the September 11 tragedies were purposely staged by the government. I am, by nature, a skeptic. I like to give people the benefit of […]

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What Did The President Know, And When Did He Know It

Richard Nixon, it seems, has posthumously moved up the rankings of presidential success stories. He’s not at the bottom of the list anymore. Oh, I know that the history books haven’t yet caught up to this reality, but they will. I mean really, how could they not?
As his prideful house of cards continues to crumble […]

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Snarkin’ On The Dick

It turns out that it may not be Libby, Libby, Libby on the label, label, label after all. To be sure, Scooter’s defense is taking its lumps in the trial, but the Vice Chickenhawk might become cannon fodder on the political battlefield too.
Remember that La Scoot isn’t on trial for outing Valerie Plame, he’s […]

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