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Grad Night Promises To Be A Blast

ABC News has reported that a recent ‘Suicide Bomb Training Graduation Ceremony’ has concluded with large teams of would-be martyr’s headed for points unknown in England, Germany, Canada, and the United States to spread fear, mayhem, and terror by means of suicide bombings.
The photo below (again from ABC News) shows a proud schoolmaster and teaching […]

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Is Bush Taking on Iran Too?

In my own mind I can picture the President setting up his game board of the Middle East with his tin soldiers with the full intent of stamping the entire region as “Prope rty of BIG U.S. OIL”. You can literally see the President staging the props for his next conquest and that target […]

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Lieberman: Let’s Bomb Iran Too!

There’s something about being an independent politician that must allow these maverick “people’s candidates” to feel free to speak their minds, especially when doing so goes against the grain of not just their supposed “peers,” but most of the country (including their constituents  ) as well. Sometimes, these kinds of political statements are refreshing, opening […]

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Liberators, Occupiers, or Catalysts For Chaos

For a brief moment, despite the now overwhelming evidence that the Iraq War was based on a crumbling foundation of lies, the American and British overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s despotic rule in Iraq could have been seen as the liberation of an oppressed people. In that brief moment, the hopes of western nations that a […]

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The End of Big Oil and the Middle East Strangle

I’ve heard it said that the very last stage coach company in the world built the best damn coach around but the end of the horse and stage coach was inevitable with the invention of the combustion engine. Isn’t it ironic that the hay that once fed horses to pull that same stage coach […]

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Bush War on Terror A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

When we are just children, our parents often warn us against doing something which they already know will end badly. At four or seven or eleven years old, we may decide to do the thing anyway, resulting in a circumstance our parents had just warned us might likely occur. By our late teens, we pretty […]

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No ‘Honor’ In Honor Killings

It’s nothing new in many parts of the world, but it’s always shocking to me to hear about another so called “honor killing.” Such cold blooded murders are almost always targeted against young women by members of their own families for what can only be called religious transgressio ns.
Such is the case catching the headlines […]

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Nation Building- When To Hand Over The House Keys

Remember when George W. Bush was still a presidential candidate in 2000 and he decried the notion of nation building? Talk about your all time flip-flop. But I digress. With Bush, the destruction of Iraq and the subsequent efforts of his administrati on to make it a permanent vassal state for his oil CEO pals […]

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GOP Sending Bush A Timetable On Iraq

Even as they defend President Bush’s ‘surge plan’ for Iraq, and even though they reject the concept of setting firm timetables for withdrawing American troops from that country’s turning civil war, elected GOP leaders are sending their own veiled timeline to Bush that in essence says there’s a limited time span on continued GOP support […]

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Latest Definition Of Success In Iraq: Success Is Not No Violence

“Either we’ll succeed, or we won’t succeed,” said President Bush Wednesday. “And the definition of success as I described is sectarian violence down. Success is not no violence.”
This is the kind of confidence that should inspire our fighting men and women. This sounds like a master strategy going exactly as planned. This sounds like […]

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