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George W. Bush & John McCain: A Tale Of Two Fools

Is it any wonder that George W. Bush has the lowest approval ratings since Richard Nixon? This President has pursued his vision of Iraq for over four years despite numerous signs and signals that it was an exercise in futility. His most recent stab at salvaging Iraq has been his highly touted surge…the addition of […]

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The Beginning of the End For Both Political Parties?

Sure, it’s another round of poll results, but two recent polls show that Americans, in large numbers, don’t support President Bush, the Congress, or either major political party to put this country back on “the right track,” regardless of what that track may be.
The main thrust of discontent seems to be Iraq. Okay, no big […]

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America- Going Down The Tubes?

That seems to be the general feeling, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll. Only 25% of those surveyed believe that the US is moving in the right direction. Strangely enough, an earlier AP-Ipsos poll finds President Bush’s approval ratings to be around 35%. Might it be fair to assume that the 25% and the […]

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Trench Warfare: Can The Democrats Stand The Slog?

In the most recent Gallup polling, the President’s approval numbers were slightly better than those of Congress…33% to 29%. Perhaps the numbers aren’t sufficient reason for alarm on the part of Democrats, but they do give one reason to ponder their meaning.
The first thought that comes to mind is the perceived success or failure of […]

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Study Says ‘06 Democratic Sweep of Congress Fueled By Converted Republican Voters

A study called “Looking Red, Voting Blue” released by the centrist Democrat think tank Third Way says that the Democratic take-over of Congress in the 2006 mid-term elections was driven in large part by defecting Republican voters who largely disapproved with President Bush’s scandal plagued administrati on, President Bush himself, and the Iraq War.
Using […]

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Citizens of the World: U.S. Can’t Be Trusted To Act Responsibly

An internationa l poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and WorldPublicO has found that a majority of global citizens think the United States plays the role of internationa l policeman more than it should, that it fails to take other country’s interests into account when it does act, and that in general […]

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If You Don’t Love God, You Can’t Be Our President

A recent USA/Gallup Poll asked about Americans willingness to vote for presidential candidates from a variety of different genders, religions, and other backgrounds. With several early strong Democratic contenders falling outside the traditional ‘stuffy white man’ mold and early Republican candidates having ‘factors’ against them, the relevance of the poll has more meaning today than […]

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Grading Credibility on a Curve

Credibility is an essential element in everyone’s personality. It’s the stuff that allows people to trust you and for you to trust them. Even in a skeptical and cynical world, it’s an important component in how others see you and how you see yourself. Without it, relationship s get dicey fast.
Today’s politicians have near-zero credibility, […]

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Of Pols and Polls

If there’s anything predictable in politics it’s that when a politician’s numbers go down he’ll decry polls as worthless crap. He’ll poo-poo them as not reflective of anything other than the pollster’s obvious bias. He’ll wax poetic on his ability to make decisions – sound ones, based on only the highest and mightiest of ideals […]

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Congress-Shining Example of Ethical Stewardship

The Citizens for Responsibili ty and Ethics in Washington (CREW) just released their 2nd annual “Most Corrupt Members of Congress Report” and it comes as no surprise that 21 of the top 25 most ethically challenged elected officials are members of the majority Republican party.
Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW said today, “The officials […]

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