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George W. Bush- Big F@#king Hypocrite And An Idiot

Bush is set to once again veto a stem cell research funding bill that has passed both houses of Congress and is supported by at least 2/3 of the country. It seems that nothing will sway the Decider/Comm ander Guy once his rather narrow mind has been made up.

“In his veto threat, the president accused […]

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GWB’s AIDS Funding: Good News, Bad News

The recent announcement that President Bush would seek to increase his Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to 30 billion dollars…doub ling the prior 15 billion dollar commitment…i s by and large a very positive development in the battle to combat the disease. The additional money should provide much needed medication for over a million infected […]

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GWB’s Top Ten Reasons For His New Surgeon General

I’ve got to hand it to the President…he is consistent. Unfortunatel y, it is that same consistency that has apparently led him to nominate James Holsinger to be the next Surgeon General. The only thing missing from Holsinger’s resume is to have graduated from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Holsinger does have the requisite evangelical background…h […]

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The End of Big Oil and the Middle East Strangle

I’ve heard it said that the very last stage coach company in the world built the best damn coach around but the end of the horse and stage coach was inevitable with the invention of the combustion engine. Isn’t it ironic that the hay that once fed horses to pull that same stage coach […]

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Perfect Storm: A Rising Tide But The Boats Won’t Float

I’ve always been fascinated with society, psychology, and the human condition&he llip;especia lly from the perspective of what the future may hold. Don’t misinterpret that to mean that I think I can predict the future; rather I try to predict how the state of thought&hell ip;what people believe, what they are saying, and how they […]

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Abortion: Is A Middle Ground Achievable?

Those opposed to abortion were heartened by the recent Supreme Court decision supporting limitations on partial birth abortions. In particular, pro-life groups were encouraged by Justice Kennedy&rsqu o;s reference to the work of an anti-abortio n group, The Justice Foundation. The foundation&r squo;s work suggests that having an abortion may be detrimental to women and […]

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The Dark Ages: What’s Old Is New Again?

Less than ten years ago, the world awaited the promise of the millenium with hope and optimism. Less than ten years into the new millenium, one might argue that hope and optimism have been forced to yield to the emerging influence of dogma, intolerance and intransigenc e.
Yesterday’s news provides an important example. Many of those […]

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Diviserfied Energy Is The Answer

I find it ironic that we have reached a point where two major problems are coming to the fore at a singular point in time. Of course, I am talking about energy and environmenta l change. It is no coincidence that these two serious challenges are impossibly intertwined, because it is the very sources […]

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The President Is Insane- (Some Not So) Randomly Related Rants

The President is completely insane. I really don’t know how else to put it. His constant refusal to accept the reality of his failures is one thing. His compulsive lying and incompetence in nearly every task he undertakes are others. But some of his most recent remarks concerning recent instances leave me thinking that […]

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Man vs. Earth (A Fight to the Finish?)

(Author’s Note: This article was originally posted by me in March 2005 here. It was subsequently posted here at Bring It On! in August of 2006. Both times it was posted it enjoyed some good conversation in the comments section. Since today is Earth Day, and because of the increase in general discussion about the […]

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