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The Passing of the Slow News Day

There used to be such a thing as a slow news day. They were days when local news or man bites dog stories carried the day. They were days when minor bad news got some coverage – a government official helping a vendor for example.
But no more.
The past six years have wrought an ever-strengt […]

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Fears, Peers, Smoke And Mirrors

In our never ending quest to have the government or some other entity fix all that ails our society, we continue to look under every rock except the one that really counts&helli p;our own. On Thursday the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announced that in establishing ratings for movies, it would begin to consider […]

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Switching Teams: It’s Not What You Think It Is

The episode was called “The Beard” …and it aired during the sixth season of the popular television show Seinfeld. The following dialogue takes place between Jerry and Elaine and it is a testament to good writing, good humor, and the ability to say more with less.
Jerry: Oh no. Don’t tell me. You like him?
Elaine: He’s […]

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Is Fred Thompson Live or on Memorex?

The LA Times recently carried an article about actor and would-be Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson. The article questioned whether a 19-year old TV roll as a hate-spewing bigot will hurt him if he decides to run. The blog Whizbang calls the article a “stupid smear piece”. However, it seems more a story about why […]

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As soon as the wrenching pain of Blacksburg settles into a dull ache, there’ll be plenty of hand-wringin g over the largest shooting spree in America’s history. In a national expression of grief-strick en rubberneckin g we’ll discuss gun control, security procedures, and the effect of violence in our culture. There’ll probably even be a […]

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In Defense of Pop Culture

When under-report ed items appear – or more appropriatel y don’t appear – in the media there is an inevitable criticism. Why is the media wasting time covering, say, Jessica Simpson when there are important issues out there to tackle? The point being the media is so busy covering the fluffy, pneumatic singer and her […]

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News Wars - Attack of the Screaming Heads

SPLAT! Olbermann hits Bill O. with a mudball. BAM! Bill O. fights back. CRACK! Olbermann goes toe-to-toe with Fox. OOF! Fox rags on MSNBC. HEEWACK! MSNBC hurls back. BOOM! Fox shoots at CNN. BANG! Cheney shoots an old man in the face. (Wait, that last one is another topic entirely.) Forget about the Civil War […]

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That’s (Mass) Entertainment

As the father of a young child, I am often dismayed at what passes for family entertainmen t these days, at least insofar as the mass media is concerned. Finding television shows that are not laced with violence, gratuitous sexual innuendo, foul language or rude behavior is almost impossible. Listening to the radio in the […]

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Chris, You Ignorant Slut

There’s plenty of buzz about Sunday’s Chris Wallace/Bill Clinton interview on Fox News. No one can dispute that it made for interesting television and pumped up Fox’s ratings, but beyond that, it’s debatable whether it accomplished much else.
For liberals, it was a much deserved smackdown by a man who’s been blamed for just about anything […]

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No News is Weird News

Weekends are a strange time in the news business. The places that make news are on break and the people who consume news are out doing something more useful – like screaming at soccer coaches or engaging in road rage incidents. It’s the time when newsmakers like to float hopeful test balloons and let the […]

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