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Broken Hearts of Nine Firefighter Families

My heart felt prayers are with the nine families of the Firefighters lost in the fire in South Carolina. Out across the land many of American families will sit down to dinner tonight and Dad will be there. That will not be the case for nine families in South Carolina. When you sit down to […]

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Putin To Bush: You Can Stick Your Missile Defense System In Your Azerbaijan

Meeting today with President Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would drop his objections to Bush’s plan to base a missile shield defense system in Europe if Bush would agree to locate the system in Azerbaijan.
Bush initially sought to place the system in the Czech Republic. The system, which Bush claims is intended to […]

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Liberators, Occupiers, or Catalysts For Chaos

For a brief moment, despite the now overwhelming evidence that the Iraq War was based on a crumbling foundation of lies, the American and British overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s despotic rule in Iraq could have been seen as the liberation of an oppressed people. In that brief moment, the hopes of western nations that a […]

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Perfect Storm: A Rising Tide But The Boats Won’t Float

I’ve always been fascinated with society, psychology, and the human condition&he llip;especia lly from the perspective of what the future may hold. Don’t misinterpret that to mean that I think I can predict the future; rather I try to predict how the state of thought&hell ip;what people believe, what they are saying, and how they […]

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POP! Goes the Bubble

It’s time to rethink this whole Bush in a Bubble metaphor. Bubbles are fragile things borne on feathery puffs of air, changing course on a whim. They’re also transparent, so if President Guy was inside one he’d see what was happening outside. Instead, we can’t change George’s course with a Force 5 hurricane and if […]

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Nation Building- When To Hand Over The House Keys

Remember when George W. Bush was still a presidential candidate in 2000 and he decried the notion of nation building? Talk about your all time flip-flop. But I digress. With Bush, the destruction of Iraq and the subsequent efforts of his administrati on to make it a permanent vassal state for his oil CEO pals […]

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Clap for the Wolfman…

Since he took office, the Employer-in- Chief has found any number of jobs for cronies, political hangers on, and incompetent boobs. Brownie, John Bolton, and half the graduates of Pat Robertson’s Regent University are just some of his spectacular hiring decisions. Apparently, George is setting himself up for a promising career with after stepping […]

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Citizens of the World: U.S. Can’t Be Trusted To Act Responsibly

An internationa l poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and WorldPublicO has found that a majority of global citizens think the United States plays the role of internationa l policeman more than it should, that it fails to take other country’s interests into account when it does act, and that in general […]

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As soon as the wrenching pain of Blacksburg settles into a dull ache, there’ll be plenty of hand-wringin g over the largest shooting spree in America’s history. In a national expression of grief-strick en rubberneckin g we’ll discuss gun control, security procedures, and the effect of violence in our culture. There’ll probably even be a […]

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News in Review

Rove Emails Deleted – According to the White House, nearly four years worth of emails sought by the Senate Judiciary Committee were accidentally deleted by President Bush’s political advisor Karl Rove. White House spokesperson Dana Perino said, “The President believes the emails were deleted by Al Qaeda operatives. He is quite disturbed by this action […]

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